Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Okay, Now What?

Election Night was intensely painful for me.  It is one thing to know in advance what will happen, it is another thing altogether to watch it unfold.  As I received confirmation after confirmation that the long-awaited demographic turn in the road had definitively arrived, I found myself fighting against realizing exactly what that means, in all its likely effects.

First, what happened last night?

What happened is the arrival to determinitive status of America's Latino population, which was able to overrule the most solid European-American block vote in the modern era.  Today, the New York Times set forth the results of its state-by-state exit polling, including results by ethnicity.  It shows the following results as averages for ALL STATES:

White          59%       Romney
Black           93%      Obama
Latino          71%      Obama
Asian           73%      Obama

This finding provides solid proof that the American electorate has functionally broken down into the "White Party" and the "Non-White Party,"  although in all cases except with Blacks there are minor numbers in each block voting differently.  Even if you refuse to believe this, despite all evidence, despite the fact that ALL of these racial groups save White are explicitly organized openly on the basis of race and ethnicity, even if you feel strongly that these votes are not primarily motivated by racial interest but by a rational weighing of the national interest, the result is the same:  in the United States of America, European-American Whites' decisions about leadership and policy are minority views.

Right-wing dissenters have been saying this was coming for years, but to say it out loud was to be called a racist.  Of course, now that the long-awaited tipping point has arrived, it suddenly can be spoken aloud with glowing, slobbering praise.  Thus, today's San Francisco Chronicle:

"A demographic tidal wave became a Democratic tidal wave as President Obama won a tight but decisive re-election victory Tuesday with the help of record-breaking support from Hispanic voters, massive turnout from African Americans and continuing enthusiasm from young Americans.

"Although Republican nominee Mitt Romney won a larger share of the white vote than any presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan scored a landslide re-election victory in 1984, the former Massachusetts governor ended up a loser at the polls because of the racial, ethnic and generational changes that have altered the U.S. electoral landscape."

NOW they tell us.  Did. Not. See. That. Coming.

Okay, it's a done deal.  So, second, now what?

The level of unease and distress that will now accompany White political discourse, while a significant development, is not enough yet to overturn decades of ideological indoctrination.  Expect the Republican Party to pander even more to non-Whites in an attempt to become competitive again.  A non-entity with a Latino name, like Senator Rubio, will probably be the next hapless sacrifice.

By the next Presidential election, Texas will occupy the slot California now does: so solid Blue that there is no point of any campaigning there and unspoken of even though it provides a huge number of electoral votes.

And quietly at first, but picking up steam as European-Americans are tax farmed, subject to capital controls, surveilled overseas for possible asset-hiding, as crime creeps back up, as everything seems to begin to crumble, literally and figuratively, as the government becomes even more openly corrupt as it is today, as more and more men realize the ballot box is no answer, well....

Well, just look at the election-night map: the second crisis of secession is coming.


  1. Jourdan, I don't think this racial crap is an answer to anything. Although I love reading and discussing everyone's opinion, I think this race thing is a cop out and too simple of an explanation for what has occurred.

    I don't like this kind of thread. A lot of things went wrong for conservatives yesterday, but blaming it on race is beneath us.

    Let's elevate the conversation.

    1. Racial Crap? Your sanctimonious holier than thou attitude is repulsive and cowardly. Its gives us no prognosis, no fresh answers. Just the same ideological claptrap, conservatives and liberals.

      TV, media and public schools have saturated your mind with cultural Marxism that you cannot think right from wrong.

      Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, East Asians have been voting like a cohesive bloc for decades to advance their power, fertility, resources and voices.

      In sharp contrast, Whites are divided, fractured and weak.

      If Whites were united as a cohesive bloc to advance their interests, fertility, and power, they would not be in such sorry situation.

      If Whites voted 90 to 10 for GOP, they would win in 49 states out of 50. White vote is the most divided, because Whites are on the road to suicide.

      Let us stop them.

      Of course Romney kept pandering to Hispanics on mass immigration, Blacks (NAACP) on welfare and Jews on endless wars in Middle East.

      Nothing for Whites. Nothing.

      Abolish Anti-White racial quotas and affirmative Action in jobs and school admissions. No.

      Abolish mass immigration so labor market tightens, wages can rise, and welfare infested inflation can drop. No.

      End all the wars, where 75% fatalities and casualties are young White males, although Whites 18-25 years old make less than 5% of America. No.

      End Federal Income Tax for the 99% who make 350K or less. No.

      End loopholes and deductions for the top 0.1% who pay ZERO tax, like George Soros. No.

      So why would Whites vote for a GOP which supports mass immigration of non-Whites to suppress their wages, and crush them with unemployment, who gives tax breaks to the rich, but not to middle class, who bleeds their young children in wars.

      White fertility has been below replacement for over 50 years now, thanks to mass immigration, endless wars, fiat money, and "free" trade.

      Whites are passing away from this World as a sterile, impotent losers because they are divided by this useless conservative versus liberal versus libertarian ideological pathology.

      Endless wars, endless bailouts and taxes, endless rhetoric on abortion, abortion, abortion.

      Let me tell you one thing. A good job is more pro-life than yelling and screaming abortion all night. A good job allows White families to have children and positive future.

      That is pro-life.

      Let us use commonsense instead of ideology. Let us think what is good for White women, White fertility, and White families.

      Let us save White people, White Western civilization and White values.

    2. Who the hell are you to come on her blog, insult her and blather on with your own opinions?

      You're the sanctimonious coward, bugger off back to Stormfront.

    3. How original. Anand, no one until you has ever proposed that Whites (with a capital W) band together against a perceived non-White enemy.

      Oh wait...

      I want no part of your ridiculous "solution". I saw a gaggle of men just like you when we were stationed in Texas in the seventies. They had White hoods over their faces so no one could see how insecure and small-minded they were.

      Florrie is giving you good advice. This blog is not for you.

    4. Wow, I don't know where to begin.

      The way to achieve a fair and just society -- of which conservatives are more interested in doing than leftists -- is to become as hateful and bigoted as the left?

      Oh, and those endless wars in the middle east because of the Jews? That's the way to take care of bullies, let them beat the you-know-what out of people and them blame the victims. If they didn't have that lunch money to begin with he would have gotten beaten up.

      And on and on and on and on.

      The big problem I have is the fact that you come to our Kitchen Table, crap on it, and piss in the coffee. Contrary to what you might think, this is not an echo chamber (which also addresses you issue with "whites"). It is possible that someone could suggest a topic then take a pretty good guess at what the others would say about it. That is what individualism is all about. We are together when we need to be, but we can have pretty raucous discussions in the process. That is how the best solutions are achieved. If leftists want to become slaves to the state, they are the ones who will pay later. In the US it may be along racial lines. In societies of old it may have been farmers or labourers. A divide can always be found by those who want to find one.

      We really do not moderate comments here. Rarely do we delete a comment. You are welcome to come in and post legitimate comments intended to try and look at things differently -- you can have a completely different take on things than what we have. No problem. If you can make us think look at things a little differently then that may be a good thing.

      The big thing you need to know is that Lady Red is a fine lady. She is loving, caring intelligent, compassionate. She is the type of person I am proud to know and I know she will do society good. If you come in here and address her like that again you comment will be gone in no time. She is worthy of respect, and you damn well better give it to her. Disagreement is fine, but disagreement is possible with respect.

    5. Bravo, Matt.

      The big thing you need to know is that Lady Red is a fine lady. She is loving, caring intelligent, compassionate. She is the type of person I am proud to know and I know she will do society good. If you come in here and address her like that again you comment will be gone in no time. She is worthy of respect, and you damn well better give it to her. Disagreement is fine, but disagreement is possible with respect.


    6. "...How original. Anand, no one until you has ever proposed that Whites (with a capital W) band together against a perceived non-White enemy..."

      You are putting words in my mouth. I never said "band together against a perceived non-White enemy".

      When Blacks are voting 93% to 7% for Democrats, are they banding together against the White enemy? The answer is no. Blacks are not banding together against Whites or other groups.

      They are simply banding together to advance their perceived interests.

      Same goes for Hispanics and other groups.

      Just because I asked to band together does not mean it has to be against another group.

      Your assumption is premised on an unhealthy negative sentiment that Whites do not have the right to band together as a group, and if they band together it must be against an enemy.

      Nothing is further from the truth. I did not even know what you meant by stormfront, until I googled it a few minutes ago. It appears to be a forum full of weird comments by dysfunctional people.

      I respect your right to express yourself. Nor do I want to insult you in anyway. But I stand by my previous comments.

      If you feel I have nothing fresh and substantive to add to the debate you can ban free speech by shutting me off.

      If we keep the head in the sand, it will not solve anything.

      But truth is bitter. And worth drinking.

    7. Anand, we've never banned anyone here. We support free speech. However, we do demand courtesy and basic good manners. You came here without introducing yourself, insulted me personally, and drummed on a tired, worn-out meme.

      Fresh, original ideas are welcomed.

      We cannot engage in a substantive debate if the parameters are not defined. Quite simply: define "white", who is included and excluded, how they would "band together", and what your proposed outcome would be.

    8. "...parameters are not defined...".

      Do we ever ask Blacks these questions? Define Black? Who will be excluded and included? Do Blacks engage in these definition games? How do Blacks band together?

      You have your answer. Blacks come together naturally. They dont need endless definitions. Hispanics dont need definitions, Asians dont need definitions. Only Whites dabble endlessly in this "define, define, define" game.

      Let Whites come together naturally to defend and advance their interests.

      Proposed outcome:
      1) First, stop all racial wealth transfers,
      2) end all federal income tax for bottom 99% Whites.
      3) End racial quotas in college, school, and job placements.
      4) Allow Churches to operate freely without tax advantaged loopholes which restrict their free speech.
      5) End Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae etc which inflate housing prices for Whites.
      6) End Dept of Commerce which gives cheap loans to non-Whites but not to Whites.
      7) Boost White fertility by allowing Husbands with White housewives to opt out of State taxes which go towards public schools, so they can have more children and more

      Our goal should be to increase White fertility and White women's comfort so they can have more children and more resources.

    9. I see he couldn't be bothered to answer your question, lady red, but just turned it around to question you and do some more aryan nations cheerleading.


      Guess what, "Anand", this is a blog, freedom of speech is at the discretion of those who allow you to post here. Buzz off.

    10. You are using same tactics as a frothing Anti-White leftist.

      When you are unable to intellectually win the debate you start accusing

      "Aryan Nations", Stormfront", etc. Just as Leftists accuse "Racism", "KKK" when you debate the merit of Socialism, Atheism, Welfarism, "Equality".

      You are an indoctrinated victim of Cultural Marxism and you don't even know it.

      There is nothing wrong in turning a question on its head to answer it. Cicero did it. Reagan did it.

      Wise people get the point.

    11. lol, I'm hardly frothing, your shyte isn't worth frothing over.

      There are lots of blogs out there sympathetic to your views, this isn't one of them. I'm not wasting my time replying to anything else you have to say,

    12. "Husbands with White housewives"

      If this were a blog with rotating titles, this would surely be one.



  2. Deep breath.

    Let me propose this, my friends:

    What if Droolin' Joe Biden had been running against Romney? Would the statistics Jourdan quoted above be any different?

    These people are voting for the Dems. Like Rush said: you can't beat Santa Claus.

    Therein lies our battle.

  3. No. But you can beat Fagin.

  4. And on that note, I'm dragging my tired old body to the kitchen table (my PERSONAL kitchen table, lol) to study for a few hours before turning in.

    Once the shock wears off, maybe we can put our heads together and come up with a new direction.

  5. This has become one of those "whether I like it or not" realizations. I may not want to think of things in racial terms, but enough others do that I'm naive not to recognize the outsized influence of that kind of thinking. I hate it with every fibre of my being, but it's become an unfortunate reality. So much for the post-racial president.

    My opinion is that the divide has more to do with the Western Civ/Judeo/Christian/Protestant work ethic thing, but as that now tends to equal Anglo/European/white (ie, black kids getting flack for acting "white" if they dress carefully and work hard in school), well, where do we go from here?

  6. What if this election was being held in Europe?
    Most Europeans - even though they are white - would go for Obama.

    1. That is an excellent point. The same thing is true of Canada.

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  8. Lyana said, "My opinion is that the divide has more to do with the Western Civ/Judeo/Christian/Protestant work ethic thing, but as that now tends to equal Anglo/European/white (ie, black kids getting flack for acting "white" if they dress carefully and work hard in school), well, where do we go from here?"

    Lyana, you are exactly right - it is a cultural issue; however, race and culture are inseparable (at least at this point in history). While technically it may not be a "racial" issue, race is an accurate label for the massive cultural differences dividing this country.

    Where do we go from here? I wish I knew. What I do know though, is that if we continue to pretend that race, and the culture that is so closely tied to it, is not an issue, then the Marxism that infects this country will have no effective opposition and our children and grandchildren and generations after will curse us for what we bequeathed to them. We must not let that happen.

  9. See, I don't think "race" and culture are inseparable. If you were to try to talk to a Russian about their part in "white guilt", they'd either look at you like you had two heads or laugh in your face. It's culture.

    In my opinion, this kind of silliness is counterproductive. We're stupid if we are deliberately provocative - there is an ugly history; how is it helpful to play into fears and misconceptions?

    What could have happened if he had just kept with the Youth for Western Civilization club, strongly denouncing the white supremicst grafiti? To me, it tells more about his motives that things have unfolded as they have, and I would want no part in that kind of thinking.

    But I am strongly in favor of a Western Civ club - if done well, it would have a unique opportunity to tell a story that so many students have not heard about thanks to the revisionism that passes as history.

  10. I took a quick trip to the other side, as I had already analysed what went wrong for the GOP-
    and just pick up at 14:00- Maddow nails it. America needs a coherent, rational GOP that comprehends basic demographics and statistics. Rove appeared a lunatic on FOX; Krauthammer had suffered a stroke?, as his "analysis" was jaw-droppingly off. Barone, Morris, etc- hell, even Trump has turned on them. It's like an echo chamber of angry old white (yes, they are) men.

    Hispanic support for the GOP should be a natural- conservative, religious, family-oriented. Obama won't be around in '16, and the likelihgood of the Dems finding another once-in-a-generation rock star candidate is near-nil. Five losses in six starts beggars belief from the party of Lincoln and TR and RR. But it won't be a Ryan or an Akin that will reverse this trend. Rubio? A Bush? Ain't gonna be Jindal the Creationist... not in 2016 America.

    I analogize to Cadillac- once The Standard of the World, it took a near-death experience for it to kick itself in the ass, recognize changing market preferences, and rebound to become a viable choice whilst still remaining true to its historical fundamentals. Maybe Allan Mullally needs a retirement gig- "Rebrand and restructure the Party of Lincoln"?

    1. Earl, here's a piece from Mickey Kaus which puts the whole "Hispanics should be Republicans" thing in perspective. link.

      Kaus gets it. Whatever path leads out of the wilderness it ain't marked "Amnesty".

  11. But... Hispanic support for the GOP is NOT natural. By a large majority (even 3rd generation) they favor more government help, and family-oriented does not necessarily equal stable mom+dad+kids families - rates of illigitmacy and teen pregnancy are crazy high.

    I don't know what the answer is.

  12. It should be noted that the UK has the same problem with poor white people from the slums that the US has with the ghetto entitlement culture. I do not believe that race and culture are intertwined. In the US they have a coincidental connection, but since that's what we see that is what we assume to be the case.

    1. @RMM: Quite so. At least America has not fallen into the morass (necessity?) of the British acronyms. NEETS, anyone? ASBOs? QUANGOs? All symptoms of state overreach and utter and complete white racial and cultural collapse.

      /I've revisited Krauthammer, and am absolutely appalled. And disappointed. I had always held him in the highest esteem: his fluid intelligence; his credentials; his capability to overcome physical limitation; his Canadianess. But that "performance" on the 6th was utterly incredible. Perhaps he and Sawyer had "caucused" before the broadcast???

    2. Matt, the ghetto whites are here too - there just aren't as many. In the area I'm thinking of, the poor whites and poor blacks had the same culture - listened to the same music, talked the same, dressed the same, had the same baby daddies.

      I've also had the privilege of knowing some men and women who are like Mr. West and Ms. Love. It's all about culture and values.

  13. Oh, I wan't saying there are no ghetto whites here. My point was that the BIG problems some people in the United States want to attribute to race do exist to the same extent in the UK, but the colour there is white.

  14. Replies
    1. That is a statistic I suspected...but just didn't want to look up. :(

  15. Super conservative genuis Rich Lowry writes in National Review's Corner blog this morning:


    What Happened to Post-Racial America?

    By Rich Lowry

    November 8, 2012 5:51 P.M.

    Following up on Yuval’s excellent post, one of the most extraordinary things about the post-election discussion is how Democrats and the media are hailing a more or less explicitly racialized politics in this country.


    Yes, they are. I provide the reason above. My analysis here is nothing more than a more plain English version of what is being shouted from the rooftops from the New York Times to the San Francisco Chronical, from the Star-Tribune to Newsweek.

    Or, to put it another way, the phenomena that is so striking even a slow moron like Lowry has noticed it is happening for some reason, and the reason I provide above provides a predictive model for understanding this new development; other explanations do not.

    1. Jourdan, I deleted my comment but certainly not the others.

      Anyway, I walked around for a while and thought about what we had said. You said I was attacking the messenger and you are right, I was, but also the message. It irked me to see you denigrate people I like and/or respect. I agree more than you think with your viewpoints. I'm tired of us conservatives attacking each other but realize I was guilty of it as well.

      I am very concerned with the state of "race relations" in our country. Right now I am talking about the black/white problem, not the soon to be non-white majority of the electorate. It's my feeling that B/W animosity is getting to the point of no return and it's a real concern. Yes, you are also right that we tend to tiptoe around these problems thanks to pc speak. I always thought solus brought up good points about the roots of racial issues and know he was frustrated with the few that would address this on a national level. He said:

      In my view, Auster is a savant. Crazy on a number of issues (and non-issues), but brilliantly on the point about a few important ones.

      And who else but a savant would cut to the heart of the matter so unequivocally? I love Derb, but he is mostly an entertainer; Mark Steyn is witty and insightful, but stops short of politically dangerous conclusions; Jared Taylor is witty and incisive too, but he is a one-issue activist, and is compromised by poisonous connections he stubbornly refuses to sever, Steve Sailer is smart and cynical, but also antisemitic.

      I still miss him, I'd love to be reading his take tonight. To be honest, I'm staddling the fence and don't know HTF we got here or how we will repair the divisions. Maybe they were never right to begin with.

      So I apologize for posting in an irate way, I know that doesn't get us anywhere. I gain from reading all viewpoints, whether I agree with all thoughts, none, or somewhere in between.

    2. Very heartfelt comment florrie. I too miss solus.

      Like so many people, I've been wrestling with this issue. I know we need to talk this out. My mind is in a jumble...I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole. Some things are difficult and uncomfortable to ponder, you know?

      I hope aridog reposts his excellent comment.

    3. Jourdan...distasteful as your conclusion is vis a vis "racial politics" to me, I am afraid it is true. I'm torn because I am coming from both your corner and from Lady Red's. I think the topic post is both a necessary subject to discuss, and we should do so honestly. So thank you for the post.

      One searing thing about it all, to me, is that it really seems deja vu circa the 1950's - 1970's. IOW youth. We did make real progress then, we were unafraid to dissent, and we acted upon our values. On both sides, on all sides actually.

      I was a social liberal/fiscal conservative so to speak, but one who enlisted in 1968 of all years. It now seems like for all of the progress we really just ran up hill in sand, one step up, slide one step back...or more than one back.

      The "sign" of these new times is simple: we are all painfully aware that our words will be used against us rather than as honest interrogatories.

      "Race" is a word that is now so abused semantically that it is nearly useless except to define what & who someone is not. And that appears to be the problem as well...political parties are political power, no avoiding that aspect, and power seeks to institute itself, to point up differences, in order to maintain a majority of "NOT - others."

      I will try to write this ideas out more cogently after some more thought.

      Please, everyone, do NOT let this Thread die deserves hundreds of comments. If we fail to get a gri[p on it all our future is nill.

  16. TCKT works in IE here, but not Opera? Whoa?

    I lost at least two comments in the "whoops"...and that IS the word Blogger used in the screen.

    If anyone has my comments in a cache or emial attachment, please send them to me and I will re-post. Or just re-post them for me...whatever works. There were at least two gone missing. My email is on my Blogger Profile.

    1. And NOW...TCKT is working in both IE and Opera again here. I'm confused. Still missing two lengthy comments. :(

    2. Well if they were short comments it would have not been worth the internet's while to loose them. You ought to know that!

  17. Aridog, I sent you one of your munched comments. It's all I have.

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