Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Music

Subdued, relaxing music tonight so I can chill inbetween my October travels

First week of October: Vancouver/Halifax and back - 4 hour time difference, 9 hours travel time each way.

Second week of October: Vancouver/Calgary and back - 1 hour time difference, 2 hours travel time each way.

Third week of October: Vancouver/ London Heathrow - 8 hour time difference, 11 hours travel time.

Fourth week of October: London Heathrow/Vancouver (rinse and repeat).

Last week of October: Vancouver/Toronto and back - 3 hour time difference, 5 hours travel time each way.

 Oh joy!


  1. What great music, I loved it, I didn't know that Marvin Gaye song. Nice sounds to "chill" by.

    My gosh, Fay, I honestly could not handle your schedule. I read it to Tom and he wondered how much time you spent at each city. I figured it was several days? No wonder you are so relieved to be home. Godspeed, stay safe, and I hope you'll check in when you can. Thanks for posting the tunes...

    1. Glad you enjoyed the music florrie!

      Tell Tom it's usually one night but Halifax last week was two nights basically because I refuse to travel home after a full day of work from such a far away location.

      London will be different of course because I'm on a flying visit to see my family (and Mauro hopefully!)

  2. Oh, you'll be seeing Sweet Baby James and family? I hope you get to see Mr. & Mrs. Mauretto as well, please give them a hug from florrie! And I hope you'll bring back a pic of SBJ for comparison, he must be about 5 now???

    1. I will be seeing the nephew and great nephews florrie, and someone else that I hope to write about when I return.

      SBJ is seven and his brother William is five. Oh my how time flies!