Friday, October 19, 2012

A Little Light Music...

Coldplay. Paradise.

Just thought this was clever and cute. Cheers, everyone.


  1. Halfway through I thought it was going to be something different. Very nice, lewy, thank you.

  2. Thanks, flo. I love when he takes his head off. I feel like doing that myself from time to time... ;)

    So. Where are we.

    Obama has collapsed in intrade trading in the last few days. He's now below where he was on Sept 10 before the big ramp up - he's now around 54%.

    The Obama partisans are complaining about Romney trade bots that are manipulating the markets. Heh.

    The electoral college math is such that everything hinges on Ohio. (Not an expert myself, but it seems plausible). With Ohio, there are several ways for Romney to win (different combinations of other close states). Without Ohio, an unlikely number of other states would have to go his way. Or something like that.

    On intrade there are separate prediction markets for the big swing states - haven't done the math but it seems like the overall race is very, very tightly correlated with the Ohio race - and the Ohio race is almost at a dead heat now. Obama 53 Romney 47.

    What is clearly discernable is that momentum is with Romney.

    So get ready for major 5h1+ hitting the fan soon.

    I mean, as much as I'm willing to reconsider and vote for Obama given that he might have had some entrepreneurial and business experience after all, I'm wondering what else we might be exposed to in the coming days...

  3. I just got around to watching the video. Thanks, Lewy, it was nice.

    I notice there has not been many cups of coffee on the table lately. I can't help but think that we all know the importance of this election and we are waiting with bated breath. I feel that the survival of our society is on the line.

    I pray for us all.