Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Good Laugh

Obama's affected southern accent in this video is hilarious!


  1. What are you all expecting in the debate tonight? Do you think Romney will take off the gloves and come out swinging?

    1. I certainly hope so. I think that it is something that Romney has to score a KO to be considered the winner, Obama only has to show up. The soft racism of low expectations?

    2. I didn't watch but it would appear that even the liberal media scored it for Romney.

      Intrade was _very_ volatile; I saw some weird, agressive trading going on.

      Bottom line the odds for Romney improved from 1 in 4 to 1 in 3 over the last few days.

      [Ari's points about Intrade are well taken, but if the polls are BS, then, well, I get to chose which other BS numbers I follow... :D ]

    3. Pace' Lewy :D ... Judi reminds me that I was absolutely certain in 2008 that Americans could not possibly elect an empty shirt as President. That said, Intrade bookies and various pollsters may have a point...that the Americans of today are too fucking stupid to rule themselves anymore...though I doubt that is their point. If we re-elect the incumbent we've proven it true.

      Pssst: Huckabee still a long shot at 0.01%!! Doncha dare miss it!! ;-)

  2. So, here are my (didn't watch the debate either) thoughts. And please read through before being horrified!

    I think that at a time of such tremendous volatility in the world, any incumbent president would have a difficult time at a debate - even one I wholeheartedly supported (and in this case, I don't. Quite the opposite).

    With Embassy attacks, State employees murdered, and financial issues on a slow-motion crash, I can imagine that debate prep is not first and foremost on the mind of any president in such a situation. I would not expect a decent debate showing, and in fact in a time of crisis consider debates almost counter-productive to the actual governance of a country.

    NOW, that being said, I think that this particular president would have phoned it in even were we not in crisis, because he underestimated his opponent. Also, I think he's a terrible off-the-cuff speaker. TERRIBLE. Like, if I were his debate coach I'd probably carry a squirt bottle that would get used every time an "um" came out. Not that such a thing is appropriate for use with the President of the United States, but someone in his past should have done so. The moment has been lost, unfortunately.

    It worked on my cat, after all. And there is no human on Earth more stubborn than my Siamese cat.

    Second, I think the debates are one of the few times we, the voters, actually see the candidates thinking on their feet and outside the realm of bumper sticker campaign slogans. I think debates are necessary to a functioning Republic and necessary for an informed electorate. Under no circumstances would I ever condone the deletion of meaningful presidential debates.

    That does not change the fact that if a president is actually doing his job he's going to find it hard to find time to prepare for such a thing. And in this, I think the incumbent has a disadvantage no matter who the incumbent is.

    Just my opinion, and I'm not egotistical enough to (a) claim it is the only correct opinion, or (b) run for president myself. EVER.

    1. GOS, I understand your points on how any incumbent would be hard pressed to prepare for a debate in volatile times. However, so the times would not be so volatile if Obama had any concept on how to run anything besides a program to encourage people how to sponge of the government.

      I have never been a particular fan of Presidential debates. Maybe they have changed, but when I did watch them they struck me as a forum where a moderator asks a question about one subject, candidate 1 answers about another subject, and candidate 2 has a rebuttal about something else all together. In other words -- all talking points all the time.

    2. I very much agree, on both counts.

    3. Although I do think the usefulness of debates is the possibility they will be used as designed - discussion and facts that people don't hear in the canned speeches.

      That's the theory, ven if not usually the practice, anyway.

      I'm thinking maybe we should institute something that is akin to the Labors of Hercules.

    4. GotS....your only error is the supposition that Obama and anyone in his administration care about world affairs, soldiers, and so forth, on any level other than it is their obligation to serve and die for the convenience of the President and his senior leaders.

      The incumbent sissy-POTUS does not care. His senior leaders like Sec Clinton do NOT care. Proof? 48 hours ago they were formally asked, by Congress, why request for more security in Benghazi went unfulfilled? Sec Clinton advised, formally, that the administration was forming a committee to study whether IF there was any failure in Benghazi.

      IF ?!

      I fully understand, now, why the US and ISAF commands required the US Marines to stack arms for Sec Panetta's visit to Camp Leatherneck inside Camp Bastion Base. They were more afraid of their own Marines than the Taliban or al Qaeda....who successfully penetrated the perimeter wire and destroyed 6 Harrier aircraft, wrecked two more, and killed two US Marines.

      Seriously....these incumbents DO NOT CARE. The care about nothing but retention of office and their personal advancement. These pricks make sedition almost a virtue.

    5. Oh, and your cat is more qualified to be President than Obama has ever been...twice a smart and half as stubborn. Srsly. :D

    6. Yee F'ing gets even better (worse). State Department eMail clearly shows that the Security Support Team section (6 men) from State Department deployed short term to Libya requested to retain their DC-3 (?!) for in-country mobility, and were turned down . The message says State would charter a commercial aircraft if necessary (..e.g., for evacuation), never mind in-country security operations...not necessary per Miki Rankin, Post Management Officer...not in Libya, of course.

      A DC-3? I guess maybe...we had a few as C-47's and AC-47's in Vietnam, but man it is a 1935 airframe design...although a v-e-r-y good one, that can take off and land on rough terrain with short runways. Apparently it requires less crew to maintain, and can essentially be a self contain transport element...unlike most helicopters. Without the plane, any mobile security was limited to wheeled vehicles for mobility.

      Bureaucracy at its lethal finest. I anticipate General (Tweedle Dee) Dempsey will shortly utter more nonsense to absolve Muslim terrorist feelings. How dare we defend a consulate from lunatics in the religion of peace?!

  3. Lewy, I love hearing about the betting odds! They might swing even more as the day goes along.

    Girl, I sincerely doubt that Obama would sit still for a debate coach. His Royal Highness decrees from his Throne; he can't fathom anything else. Off with their heads!

    I couldn't stay awake long enough to watch the debate live (3am comes early), but we recorded it to watch this evening. I'm heartened by everything I'm reading this morning in my "news" crawl; even the far-left is admitting that the JEM was thoroughly shellacked. Your "KO" comment was spot on Matt!

    Do I see a glimmer of light on the horizon?

  4. I listen to NPR news in my car on my morning and afternoon drives.

    They were in intense damage-control mode on both Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Even Marketplace had some 'it's not THAT bad' going on.

    I do not talk to ANYONE at work who is planning to vote for 0bama. Even those less than thrilled with Romney are far less thrilled with the Current Occupant.

    And my own totally non-scientific poll of road signs en route between home & work (and back) are 11 to 2 in favor of the GOP ticket.

    Of course, this is PA's very own flyover counties, and the stay on the enforcement of PA's new voter ID law means that the same actors as always will inflate the already massive welfare and liberal city vote in Philly and Pittsburgh, to be sure that all of PA's Electoral votes go the wrong way.

  5. I watched it.

    The future President Romney pwnd the Dear Leader.

    Even the Obots couldn't spin this one.

    1. Give 'em time, my dear. Give 'em time: Obama was not used to the altitude of Denver. Romney was rude. He was so busy being President that he could not prepared....

    2. Isn't it hilarious, Matt, the excuses the left is offering for Barry's poor showing? The only voice I was disappointed in was Bob Woodward's, I didn't think he'd join in the absolution chorus.

    3. RMM ... that "altitude" dodge was hilarious. I smoked 3 packs a day for 50+ years, before quitting. Too late, I have COPD with about 40% lung capacity. However, from 450 feet elevation (Detroit)I can fly to Montana in 6 hours and reside immediately at 5500 feet elevation (Paradise Valley) with NO immediate problems or later ones. I can do fine if not trying to hike fast or climb fast at 8,000 feet plus (Yellowstone Park or the Absaroka, Gallatin, or Crazy Mountains)....but at 8K the effect is quite tiring overall ... ONLY if you are walking or climbing an incline. I could stand still on Mount Washburn (10,000 ft) all day and talk without fatigue or disorientation.

      The Kool Aid drinkers are really desperate I think.