Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Growth Of American Castes

Kay S. Hymowitz, in the City Journal, talks about how single motherhood, and the lack of fathers in both the emotional and financial areas of child-rearing, is creating a caste system in America, with widening gaps between the upper and lower castes, and hardening divisions that may well prevent anyone from moving up in their lives.


  1. I think that is the whole idea.

    I just saw a post on Facebook. Robert Reich seems to feel that we are going to have a "quiet coup d-etat." Yes -- I think it is called an election.

  2. Interesting article DWT. Thanks for posting it.

    My thought is this: there have always been poor and disadvantaged families in the US, and single parent families, and orphans, and kids being raised by grandparents. I don't worry about a "caste" system; no matter what the circumstances of your birth and upbringing, you can always work hard and overcome it to succeed and prosper. That's what makes this America.

    Anything else is whining and hand-wringing, IMHO.

    1. I think that, courtesy of Sharpton, et al, we are indeed very much at risk of developing a self-imposed caste system. Not because of the "haves", but because the "have nots" are being convinced that they are powerless victims unable to better their place in life (see the OWS idiocy that has generated far more support than it ought to). The class warfare rhetoric really is having consequences.

  3. Good point Lyana. A "self-induced" caste system...people believing that they must be powerless because the gov't provides their every need instead of allowing them to achieve/fail on their own...interesting. And possible.

    All the class warfare crap gets on my very last nerve. SRSLY. How stupid can people be?