Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Good Week

This has been an exceptionally good week for the growing numbers of nationalists in this country.

It is our view that the English-speaking people of European descent in North America are a distinct people, with their own language, culture, literature, norms, mores, history and identity.  The U.S. was an expression of the life of these people, but due to issues surrounding dealing with a legacy of African-American slavery changed course, first at the time of the Civil War, later at the time of the Liberal Revolution of the 1960's. The U.S. government, USG, then embarked on a historic change from a national government to a universalist government deeply ideological in nature.

It is further our view that while this change is perfectly understandable in its historical context, and while we understand and acknowledge the many European-Americans of good will support this ideological USG, that this new U.S. will reduce our people to servitude, destroy our heritage, abuse our ancient liberties and result in our ruin.

As politics become more divided in the U.S., where, to date, only those who accept the central tenets of the new ideological USG are allowed to participate in national politics, ordinary conservatives find themselves at the receiving end of government hostility and left-wing hatred that they have trouble understanding.  The Tea Party consists merely of U.S. citizens protesting clear government overspending, yet it is viewed by both official Washington and the larger left-ideological community as vicious, racist and oppressive.  Worried parents merely want their children to be properly educated, yet such concerns are seen by the system as support for racist, colonialist history.  Average Republicans view their moderate conservatism as completely American, yet all others view them as the "White" party, following racist policies.

The key barrier to the nationalist message reaching vast swathes of my people is the illusion of conservative and Republican dissent.  Only the nationalist understanding properly explains these things that trouble ordinary conservatives so.  Only nationalist politics will allow my people to start the fight back and to secure a new national endeavor to protect our people, our history and our heritage.

For the USG is just that: a mere government.  It is not the American people.  It is not even the United States.  It is merely an organization, and one that, as a wise old Virginian once wrote, "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

This week saw the people of Arizona's attempt to fight the illegal settlement of their state by a foreign power and people struck down by USG.  This week saw USG give itself unprecedented economic power and cemented its key role in the very industry that is vital to our health and well-being. 

This week exposed yet again the feeble weakness of mainstream conservatism and the Republican Party to do anything about any of this.  This week it was made clear yet again that voting for this or that new (R) for President or any other office will not change the central power dynamic nor the out-of-control ideological madness of USG.

Yes, this was a very good week for Nationalists.

A good week for my people.


  1. Jourdan, did you write this? It speaks of "our" view, who is our?

    1. Fay, I think that Jourdan, whether he wrote this or not, is concerned with the diminution of the power and rights of Euro-Americans (hey, why not, as there are now all sorts of other hyphenated types here) and the attendant collapse o the culture which was born of the combination of the cultures brought over by those european forebears.

      And saying that, the 'good week' consists of even more evidence that this culture is being trampled into the ground, which will hopefully cause the E-A's to rise up enough to defend what is rapidly being lost.

      But I may be misunderstanding or over-simplifying.

    2. Thanks Dances, I understood what he was saying, it just didn't sound like him and the use of the collective "our" had me wondering if I was in the right/wrong place.

  2. Fay, I wondered that too. Jourdan, is this you, or did you forget to post a link?

    Although I sympathize with the frustration of Americans of Euro descent, I am really uncomfortable when people separate along ethnic/racial lines. No good ever comes of it. In America The Melting Pot, we have millions upon millions of people who are a mixed gene pool/cultural smorgasbord of racial, religious, and ethnic influences. We have citizens of every race and religion on the planet, working hard for a strong America and a better life for their children.

    Why should conservatives be excluded from the fight against Marxism/socialism/communism because of their genetic makeup, their religion, or their ethnicity? We all share a common goal and vision of America. I want an America based on achievement, brains, self-reliance, and merit...if my neighbor feels the same, I could care less where his great great grandfather was born.

    Maybe I'm missing the point of this post. The "our people" thing creeps me out.

    1. Well said as always, lady red. I feel the same.

  3. Fay, DWT and Lady Red -

    Yes, I did write this; the "our" and "we" being spoken of here is the emerging new so-called alt-right or the New Right, an openly nationalist and traditional conservatism concerned with the future of European-Americans.

    Now, as has long been our custom here (and elsewhere) I am speaking my mind forthrightly, knowing that many will disagree on issues both large and small; however, I also understand that outsiders may interpret my views as belonging to the collective whole. If that is a concern--and it's a concern I share and understand--then I have no problem taking it down from here.

    I also very much understand the wish to live in an America where racial and ethnic issues don't matter, but I don't agree for two reasons. First, and clearly objectively observable fact, EVERY racial and ethnic group in America today is organized along expressly racial lines, with these lines supporting policies and voting along clear racial lines, except European-Americans. In other words, wishing that a state of affairs were so, or continuing to claim that this is how it "should" be, seems to me to be akin to wishing that more Americans were good monarchists or liked cricket more than they like baseball.

    Second, and more profoundly--and here is where I strongly suspect I am all alone in this view here--I have come to believe that one's racial civilization, culture and history are what makes a nation cohesive. People don't break along racial and ethnic lines because they are just following a bad habit. They are diong it because it is profoundly human.

    We wish to build a community that reflects who we are, our history, our culture, and hand to our children and grandchildren the full flower of all we are and have been.

    Until approximately 1965, the U.S., despite its universalist pretentions, was such a country, with the European-American people clearly dominant. Columbus Day was important because it was the beginning of the European civilization in the Americas.

    In 1965, largely due to having to deal with a significant minority problem our country was born with, we opted to ditch the de facto nationalism in favor of the new universalism, America as a universal ideal. Thus, as you now know, Columbus Day is now what it is now.

    My view is that this was an understandable but gigantic mistake. No one is thanking European-Americans for their decision. On the contrary, as European-Americans continue to go their own way, the anger from non-European-Americans at their massive, continued failure simply grows.

    In short, DWT has summarized my view correctly. It is inhumane to expect the European-American people not to care if they are replaced by Chinese, South Asians and Latinos. Especially when there is a China, there is an India, and there are more than 25 Latino nations.

    "My people" may creep you out. I certainly understand that. However, in practice, my people already live separate lives. We are more segregated now than we were when racial covenants were legal. In any case, why is it that all people are allowed to express solidarity with their people, except for European Americans?

    I had a friend who clerked for the Supreme Judical Court in Massachusetts. He told me that that organization's slang term for the U.S. Supreme Court is the "New Court."

    This is a reminder that the European-American people were here long before the U.S. Government came into existence. And we'll be here long after it is gone.

    Again: I am giving my view as our history has been frank discussion; but I am very open to simply not discussing this topic here. I do not wish any trouble with old friends, even online ones!

  4. Jourdan, all honestly held opinions are welcome here. I don't want TCKT to be an echo chamber; I don't think any of us do.

    Where to start? I don't want my culture to be replaced either. However, my culture includes people of different races, and people of mixed race. My family and friends are a giant mishmash of genes, but we are all ONE culture. Should we all divide up into who is darker or blonder, and draw a line in the sand? Will your Euro-tribe pick some of us to be on your team, and others not to be on your team? Do you see what I'm driving at?

    I don't like angry, racially homogenous groups. I freely admit that they scare the bloody hell out of me. No good comes from it. I'm all for Euro-Americans exhibiting pride in their past and their achievements, but banding together AGAINST everyone else sends a chill down my spine. I don't like it when Americans of African descent do it, and I don't like it when Americans of Mexican descent do it...I don't like it period.

    These are my thoughts on the subject. I'd be very interested in what everyone else feels and thinks.

  5. I believe that there is a distinct American culture. While the seeds of that culture are most definitely European, other cultures have added to it. Look at Europe today. Do we want to be like that? Certainly not.

    I believe that the United States is a melting pot, not a salad bowl as is the current PC way of phrasing it. Americans have a common goal. Americans know that the way to help someone is to allow that person to be responsible for himself.

    For some sad reason shame has become passe, except under certain twisted circumstances such as saying shame to those who actually try and uphold the law. Shame is a way of telling a person that he can do better. Is shame sometime used poorly? Yes, but for the most part shame can be a powerful tool.

    The whole is better off when individuals are strong. No nation can be strong when the individual is weak. We all need to measure by the same yardstick. To tell one group of people, any group of people, that they will get ahead because it is owed to them and not because they earn it is a disservice to that group.

    If I go to a professional, I want that profession to be good. I don't care about his race. I find it ironic that white conservatives are the ones quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. Perhaps it is because white conservatives who have always believed as King did. Dependency does not breed strength. Dependency breeds weakness.

    Maybe I have rambled a bit here. What is important to me is that Americans be Americans, sans hyphen.

    As to the Table, I do not want an echo chamber. If we think someone is wrong, we will tell him. If we discover that a person is right, we will learn something. I'm sure I come across as heavy-handed at times, but that is more because I am passionate, not because I am trying to be rude. If you believe something, stand up for it. Be heard. Just expect some discussion.

    1. Spot on Matt; I agree with all that you've said. You haven't rambled, and I've never known you to be heavy-handed.

  6. I feel like and "us/them" dichotomy is being forced on me (not by you, Jordan), and I don't like it one bit. I don't want to think about what makes me different from someone else, but by what we agree upon. But I'm not so naive to not understand the reality that much of the world looks at life through "Me and my clan against the world. Me and my family against the clan. Me and my brother against the family. Me against my brother." I feel like that's what has come to America, it is foreign to us.

    I think the USA has been unique; we have been a place where people have mixed and melded - maybe not first generation, but definitely by the grandchildren. They became AMERICANS, though they may have preserved pieces of their originating heritage in celebrations in their home or neighborhood. Can that be restored? I don't know, but sadly, I don't think so. So I deliberately teach my children about their Anglo/European heritage because they don't hear about it in a positive light in many other forums. The 4th of July is a lovely time to dust off the stories of the founders. :-)

    1. In the past, most first generation people have made sure that second generation people were AMERICANS. That is the way it should be.

      You are right, Lyana, I don't like the us/them mindset, either.

  7. To me, 'My People' is anyone, regardless of race, color or creed who realizes, and acts upon, the belief that this nation is unique in history as the SOLE place where all peoples can advance themselves and live in relative harmony with their neighbors.

    I am not talking perfection here, as there have certainly been a lot of warts during our history. BUT, those who see only the warts, and not the beauty underneath, are NOT My People, no matter how European their geneology may be.

    The trouble is that far too many of those who should be celebrating the uniqueness of America (and Canada to a somewhat lesser degree) have instead have swallowed the hogwash that this "Shining City On A Hill" shines only because it is burning the bodies of its victims.

    The ridiculous and idiotic change from a Melting Pot to a Salad Bowl is nothing more than a death knell for this society.

    Think of it. Are Africans in Africa better off than African-Americans? Are Jews in any other nation on Earth (excepting Israel) as free to worship as they wish and walk (generally) without fear? Are Asians coming in their millions because things are better in their countries and they are trying to help the poor Americans achieve the same level of civilization? Are muslims here because they think it MORE likely they will be murdered by some fool of another sect? And are (legal) latins coming in because they see how in need of multicultural enlightenment America is?

    This is STILL the best country on Earth. And it is so because of the European-Americans who came here to remove themselves from serfdom and subjection and become citizens of the nation that was (and still is) 'the last best hope of mankind'.

    And yet, when they arrive, they find a culture drowning in the depths of self-loathing.

    As a result, they contract ever more into enclaves of different (and NOT equal) cultures, and far too many who are able, vote for the same fools who have made the hatred of America a career (see our current president).

    I completely see the point of view and aims of the New Nationalist movement, and while I do not, and will not ever, agree with it as any expression of a racial purity idea, it needs to have the liberty to express its ideas alongside those bastions of ideological purity such as black nationalism, la raza, supporters of sharia, and any other group that each wants its own little slice of things seperate from the rest of American society.

    1. Outstanding post DWT. You have a skillful way with words, and can express thoughts and ideas that I struggle with.

  8. ^^^Excellent post, DWT, thank you.

    1. I agree, excellent Dances.

      As someone who is a second generation British Jew, whose paternal grandparents fled persecution in Europe in the early 1900s, the line between nationalism and supremecy is too close for comfort.

  9. Jourdan and I have discussed this subject many times. He puts his core thoughts very succinctly here:

    I have come to believe that one's racial civilization, culture and history are what makes a nation cohesive. People don't break along racial and ethnic lines because they are just following a bad habit. They are doing it because it is profoundly human.

    This is an important point - along with all the other manufactured thought-crimes which the dominant liberal culture has foisted on us, people can now be made to feel guilty simply for being comfortable among one's own kind.

    There's a dirty little secret about Portland. The liberal hipsters love the place. And they're all white.

    Everyone publicly bemoans the lack of "diversity". No one seriously wants anyone to do anything about it. A good friend, who's lived all over the world, remarked that when you see even the homeless people are white, you know the place is white. (She's Mexican, btw).

    I'm not Asian, but my wife is. She picks up on the fact that while she's in a distinct minority, there are some Asians here. In Cape Cod, there are virtually none. I'm numb to it; she's always having nightmares about being abducted and dragged off to work in a laundromat when we're down there. No kidding. So it goes.

    When I'm with her family in Hawaii, we go to restaurants where I'm the only haole guy. That's as close as I get to knowing the feeling.

    But I digress.

    Yes, it's OK to feel a unique sense of comfort around people who look and act like you. People who want to make you feel bad about this are... bad people.


    But the larger point about race and nationalism, from a political view... I think culture is what matters, not race, and the recent events in Europe give ample proof of this...

    1. Simply put, the Euro currency can be viewed as a nice, twelve year experiment in cultural differences in productivity. One common currency eliminates a source of accounting slippage, and imbalances show up brilliantly.

      The short story is that after 12 years, Germany has produced tons of stuff, shipped it south, and has lots of (Euro denominated) monetary claims against Mediterranean Europe.

      This is incontrovertible proof that culture matters with respect to economic productivity. The nations of Europe are sufficiently culturally distinct that "gross stereotypes" turn out to be pretty accurate.

      The bad news is that high levels of economic productivity - making real, innovative stuff that other people want to buy - is not recognized as a virtue. It is recognized as a vice.

      And this - as Matt eloquently describes in his own comment above - is the heart of the problem. [And the still relatively ethnically homogenous states of Europe have a different flavor of the same problem].

      In the power politics, the balance has shifted - France has abandoned Germany and is now siding openly with a Latin bloc including Spain and Italy. Germany (and the Netherlands) are isolated. It is not "more Europe" - more pan-national EU institutions - that the Latin bloc wants. They like their national, sovereign control over budgets - they would simply prefer to spend some German money along with their own. In fact, they demand it.

      And at the most recent summit, Germany caved (at about 2AM Friday morning, their time). Italy and Spain went all mau mau and threatened to shit their cribs unless Germany allowed their red lines to be crossed. It worked, and it will work again. Germany has demonstrated no ability to say no. (Markets soared world wide in response.)

      I take this long digression to make this point: it's culture, not race.

      Castilians and Bavarians can be kinda hard to tell apart; ditto Finns and Swedes (who do _not_ get along), and all those fine folks are as close or closer racially as European Americans are among themselves. I don't think Charles Murray et al would assert a discernable difference is cognitive ability between a Greek and a German. Ethnic, for sure - but race? Really?

      It's impossible to split that hair fine enough to matter for the US. Just impossible - the phrase "European American" does in fact capture the product of the US melting pot in as granular fashion as is possible. So as a practical issue, it's got to be culture we're talking about.

      Culture is necessary to explain what the hell is wrong with the EU, the US, and the world. It's also sufficient.

      And to be perfectly edgy, the notion that productivity is a crime, that ability is to be punished, and that weakness and resentment is to be nurtured and rewarded - these ideas, which constitute their own kind of culture - should be destroyed. Eradicated. They are a mind virus, hostis humani generis, and must be recognized and acted against for the existential threat that they are.

    2. Hmmm. I've never thought of Portland as a "white" city, probably because my maternal grandparents lived in a predominantly black neighborhood. They loved Portland. I know it's changed a lot since then though.

      And yeah, the libs that tsk-tsk the loudest about lack of diversity tend to live and work in all-white enclaves. My school campus faculty LOVE to hold "diversity" meetings while they eat their catered brown-bag lunches; they cluck and posture with dismay, sitting elbow-to-elbow with all the other edjumacated lily-white instructors. It's pitiful, really, and the students laugh about it.

      "And to be perfectly edgy, the notion that productivity is a crime, that ability is to be punished, and that weakness and resentment is to be nurtured and rewarded - these ideas, which constitute their own kind of culture - should be destroyed. Eradicated. They are a mind virus, hostis humani generis, and must be recognized and acted against for the existential threat that they are."

      Money quote!

    3. lr, Portland many neighborhoods in North Portland have become gentrified. If you know where Alberta St is, it is now full of yuppies/creative types/tattooed white people who run trendy shops and restaurants. Many black folks and others moved to East Portland - east of 205, in utterly unwalkable, horribly designed "neighborhoods", cut off from the rest of Portland by a freeway.

    4. Wow. My grandparents live off of Ainsworth, not too far from Alberta. I'm amazed. It's a pretty area, and the black folks who lived there kept beautiful homes and were great neighbors.

      It makes me sad to think those nice people were priced out of the old neighborhood. :(

    5. Er..."live" = lived. My grands passed away many years ago.

    6. "...the black folks who lived there kept beautiful homes and were great neighbors."

      Well, those are the black Americans who were beginning to make themselves part of the culture of America, before LBJ's 'Great' Society, which then proceeded to destroy black families, while, with the help of such paragons as Jackson & Sharpton, convinced them that the Democrat Party had only their best interests at heart.

      You know, that same Democrat Party that started the Civil War in order to keep blacks in bondage. That started the KKK. That passed the Jim Crow laws. That filibustered anti-lynching laws. That turned attack dogs and fire hoses on peaceful demonstrators.

      Yeah, THAT Democrat Party.

  10. I really wanted to write a cogent defense of the melded culture position elegantly described by Lewy and Lady Red. It's what I've believed my entire life.

    BUT, I cannot. I have to agree with Jourdan, at least for the most part. It is "We" who are under attack, white people, period. Today you are undesirable to progressives even if you merely look white or sound white. No folks, it is "whiteness" that is hated. Time to stop kidding ourselves and start defending being just plain "white".

    I'll try to write more later, if the inner anger subsides. Meanwhile, I'll stick with Jourdan's line of thought. Otherwise, "my people" will cease to exist. Jourdan's even got the transitional date right ... 1965. Before & after will never be the same.