Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lotta Good That Did Ya.

George Zimmer, president of Men's Warehouse (He guarantees it!) closed his store in Oakland, California on Wednesday in solidarity with the Occupy Oakland protesters' general strike.

Here's what he got for his efforts:




  1. "Isn't Karma related to Lassie?"




  2. The Destroy Oakland train is gaining momentum. As the saying goes, they have the government they deserve.

    And to think I used to enjoy George Zimmer's commercials. What blatant, cowardly kow-towing, he got precisely what he deserved.

    I guarantee it. Nice find RMM.

  3. I just noticed that too, Fay, LOL!!!!

  4. img:""

    Stolen from Alison on FB.

  5. Fay, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Zimmer is an idiot. He got what all weak-kneed appeasers get; a kick in the teeth.

  6. I gotta say - I would have taken 100 to one odds (i.e. put a hundred on the line to win a buck) that there would never, ever be a paper-mache Obama puppet at a protest. And so I would have lost that bet.

    And that said: obviously #occupyfail is a trending hashtag.

    I was afraid that the protests would coincide with a nasty bank failure and bailout (BoA was trading close to the $5 death-spiral price at one point) and go viral in a big mass outrage. That hasn't happened.

    And frankly I way underestimated the dysfunction of modern hippies. Can't get good hippies anymore, I swear. Back thirty years ago when I was (briefly) working at Greenpeace we did a lot better I think.

    I haven't taken a walk around Occupy Portland in a few days; I may get a chance Tuesday. In the meantime, there is now a group called "The Real Occupy Portland" which has splintered because the main group is insufficiently violent.

    I think they aim to create martyrs, and they may well succeed. The only thing that will bring people out in their thousands is people getting beat up by cops. (A few thousand people _did_ march a few days ago for this reason; I watched them go by on my balcony and IMHO it was 2 or 3 X the population of the camps).

  7. Would dying of dysentery make one a martyr?

  8. No dysentery or cholera (yet). Just lice.