Friday, October 28, 2011

Self-Reliance To Self-Pity

Mark Steyn discusses why it seems the whole country is on a path to needing a giant, government-funded diaper.

I really do think we are done, folks, as a nation of free adults, at least.


  1. I don't think we are done. We just have a group of people with whom the MSM agrees with. That is why it may appear so. I spoke with the Youn'un the other day. He used to listen to NPR. He now listens to Rush. His reflection?: He is not as down on things as he used to be. There is reason for hope and optimism out there. You just have to stop listening to the irrelevant crap and keep the faith, baby!

  2. Here is the "money" quote.

    "This country's broke. As I said last week, it has to pay back $15 trillion just to get back to having nothing at all."

    Like Matt, I haven't lost faith in the USA, I just wish who ever is going to step up to the plate puts his/her skates on.

  3. I love the image he left us with in closing, lol!!! I always read Mark's articles as if he's reading them.

    I don't think we're done either but a lot of that faith in our future is invested in the outcome of the next election.

    Lordy, I sure do love Mr. Steyn (and I'm very glad to hear Matt's son is a Rush fan, woohoo!).

    Fay, yes, they need to put their skates on (or their cleats, whichever the case may be, and get r done!)

  4. Great article, as always. Steyn nails it.

    I haven't lost faith at the ground-level. I have indeed lost faith in the beltway politicians, in the justice system as defined by this administration, and in most government agencies.

    I am sickened by the realization that Romney will probably be the Republican candidate, and that I may be forced to hold my nose and vote for the plastic, flip-flopping SOB.

    However, I am energized by the challenge of electing many more true conservatives into congress this election cycle. I would like to see enough conservatives in office to push Boehner and McConnell out of their leadership positions, because they stink.

    I would also like to see the Dems take their party back from the unions and the progressives. People are fed up. It might happen.

  5. I hate to disagree with my good friend but I'd be fine with Mitt Romney as the nominee.

    I want whoever has the best chance to unseat the JEM.

  6. I'm inclined to go with Lady Red here. The reason Romney seems like the electable Republican is because the MSM says he's the electable Republican. The reason the MSM says that is because they know that Romney is not conservative and will not bring out the conservative vote. If Romney were to get the nomination, the MSM would then do everything in its power to convince "crossover" voters not to vote for him. Result? Obama wins re-election.

    This is the other side of the coin I have described before, that we should not listen to whom the MSM tells us would be unelectable. The MSM wants to shove the weakest Republican candidate down our throats and talk us out of nominating or best.

  7. Global warming strikes again! About 4 to 5 inches of very heavy, wet snow have blanketed the area, bringing down more trees, branches and power lines than I can even count.

    Dining by candlelight can be quite romantic, but cooking by candlelight has been a bit of a challenge. Thank goodness we have a gas stove.

  8. Oh gosh, Alphie, what a bummer :-( The boys will probably love camping out but I'm sure you and Mrs. Alphie aren't too thrilled. I hope your power is on soon.

  9. Thanks florrie. Power's still ou. It's been out since about 4:00 and probably won't be restored until sometime tomorrow since there are so many lines down. It didn't really occur to me why it's so bad- after all we've had far worse storms than this. However, Mrs. Alphie point out that all the trees still have there leave, so there's much more for this wet snow to stick to. Just about every large tree around our house had several branches that have snapped on half.
    The boys think all the snow is great, but they're a little upset that we wouldn't let them go out to play (it's just too dangerous with all the branches falling). They did have a great time running around the house with their flashlights. Finally got them all settled into bed. It's going to be a cold on since we have no heat, but we'll manage.

  10. I *was* going to work on a GA post, but I only have the iPhone to work with and it's just too much typing. Maybe tomorrow...

  11. Hang in there, Alphie. I've never been too put out by weather. I guess I've always lived in areas with moderate climate.

  12. Dang, hope you have lots of blankets. Stay safe!

  13. It's 6:30 and a refreshing 58 degrees this morning, which would be nice if it was the temperature in my bedroom. I guess there's something to be said for living in a moderate climate, Matt.
    Everyone else is still sleeping. I made sure my two older boys are covered up good (we fortunately do have plenty of blankets, florrie) Our little 3 yo bugger managed to climb up into our bed sometime between 1 am and 6, so he's nice an comfy. Normally I'd carry him back to his own bed, but I think I'll let him stay this morning... but only because he has his feet in Mrs Alphie's head and not mine : P