Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Great News For Our Local Economy

A BC shipbuilder has won an $8 Billion Federal contract slated to last 20+ years. This translates into thousands of high paying jobs with untold spinoff benefits for the community.

The bidding process was unique and untainted by political cronyism Congratulations to Seaspan and to the government of Stephen Harper.


  1. Looking for a job?

    Come to Vancouver!

  2. We'll even invite you to dinner every now and then... as long as you bring some wine.

  3. I dunno... I don't think we ever finished the fence between the US and Mexico.

    At the rate we're going, we're not going to need it. You Canadians will.

  4. That is great news for BC, Fay! I think some of this economic boon will trickle down to us in Washington. I'm really happy Seaspan won the contract, they do lots of business here.

  5. Bravo Vancouver! This is wonderful news for your area, Fay and Matt. Florrie, it's doubly wonderful if the love trickles down to the PacNW.

    Lewy, you're right about the fence. If the Mexicans are smart, they'll cross the Rio Grande and head straight north for Canada. Hell, we might all be following them before long.

  6. That is good news for Vancouver, it is also good that Canada is investing money in its military. Perhaps thinking of the future re Russia and its aggressive territorial claims in the Arctic.

    Hey Matt and Fay, an interesting read on your National Sport...

    "The Meaning of Hockey"

  7. florrie and lady red, I too hope that some of the benefits trickle down to our good friends in WA.

    Luther, I may be going out on a limb here but in my opinion Stephen Harper is the best PM Canada has ever had. Spending money on the military is yet one more on the list of things he is right about.

    Your linked article was, indeed, interesting. Can't say that I agree with all of it.

  8. "Can't say that I agree with all of it."

    Agree with you. But it did have some interesting history that I wasn't aware of.