Monday, March 28, 2011

She Loves Him! She Really, REALLY loves him!

You know those little bags tucked into the seat pouches of airplanes?  The ones you use if you feel your breakfast coming up?  Get one. 

Sometimes, you need to go away to keep your love alive. Perhaps it's the change of air. Perhaps it's the change of view. Perhaps it's just the chance to stop and pause. Who knows what it is that melts away the doubts, and the disappointment? But when I gazed at my beloved, at Lake Garda last weekend, I realized that, in spite of everything, my love still burned bright.

Hey, it's true, he looked tired. He's cut back on the jokes now. He's cut back on the smiles. But when he stepped out, in my hotel room, or perhaps I should say on the giant flat-screen telly in my hotel room, I felt a stirring that wasn't like the flicker of excitement you have on an early date, when fantasies blaze, and hopes soar. What I felt was something calmer, but also stronger: the sense that I, or perhaps the 65 million Americans who voted on my behalf, had chosen well.

Yep, she's publicly lusting after The One.  It's sick.  It's icky.  It''s...creepy.  Good job, Patterson.  You are now the laughingstock of all the internet.


  1. Typical Huffington Post sewer mash. How they figure this aging lady's damp panties are "political" news, or even opinion, is beyond me. Typical Ariana fare, however. Must be like Chris Mathews' leg tingle, eh?

  2. I'm sorry to say that many abused women do still really 'love' their abuser.

    It has much to do with feelings of unworthiness and the belief that they deserve no better.

    In Patterson's case, those feelings are correct.

  3. Oh good grief. Such twaddle.

    Her writing style is PAINFUL, this made my eyes bleed:

    "He sounded like a man who had had to make a very, very difficult decision. And who knew that you couldn't know whether some decisions were right or wrong, but that you just had to live with the consequences of the one you'd made."

  4. Fay ....

    Pshaw, and I suppose she sees a swirling cape, flashing sword, and rearing horse, too!!

    Pant, pant, whinny, snort (drool) ... oh, baby!!

    Uh, hello ... all decisions of any consequence, by anyone or everyone, fit the mold she describes. If not, we'd all be Warren Buffet.

  5. Christina Patterson is a known anti-Semite. and when she gets called out on it, she whines about it.

    She's a nasty piece of work, and this screed of hers does not surprise me one bit. Except that I never expected to laugh so much at one of her items.

  6. You know, I love you guys. All of you.

    But there is no freakin' way I'm going to read that link.

    Not. Gonna. Do it.

    Sorryz. :|

  7. Lewy14 ...

    OMG! Letz me mei hep u umkay ... another bodice ripper paragraph to fall down laughing at:

    " He sounded like a man who knew that, whatever people said about him, and however much the Right might think he was a socialist who was trying to destroy the country, and however much the Left might think he was someone who had promised the sun, the moon and the stars and delivered instead a country that was in the grip of a massive economic crisis, there were certain things that had happened since he'd become president that had made the world better."

    Awayz glad to hep.

    Kthnxbai :D

  8. "...there were certain things that had happened since he'd become president that had made the world better."

    Yeah. It got closer and closer to the end of his single term as President.

  9. Annie # 5 ...

    I suspect that she resides near a portion of the late Rabi Teitelbaum's Satmar Chassidic community of Haredi Orthodoxy. They are a riddle within a riddle within a puzzle and study is required to even begin to understand them and their beliefs ... much of which is decidedly anti-Zionist and anti-Israel.

    Mizz Paterson reveals her ignorance when she conflates all Jews with a particular community (to me that IS Antisemitism)... one that can appear discriminatory, much as the Amish and Mennonite Christians can to some folks. During "my war" long ago the Amish were despised, as leeches, by many for their pacifism. There was something to that, of course, but ... sometimes anyone worth knowing takes considerable time to get to know...and my own track record with understanding American Haredi isn't very good.

    I have particular problems with the anti-Zionist and Israel line of thought among certain Haredi groups, like the Satmars,... above and beyond the apparent holier than thou thinking of the Satmars toward other Jews, Conservative to liberal reformed to secular. So I continue to try to understand ... and I read things by ordinary writers who have knowledge I lack, like, among others, this one, albeit itself a bit self-serving.

    One reason I bother is my long relationship as a customer of a Photo-Video store (mega store, really)in NYC ... owned by Satmar Chassidics and staffed by many of them. I have never been poorly served, even when it was difficult, always courteously treated. Once I was able to deal directly with Leica on a part that they'd not have sold and shipped to me retail if not referred by the store first. It's not hard tell I'm Goyim from my name, my address and so forth ... yet not once in over 25 years of dealings have I ever been shoved aside. These are hard working people worth knowing.

    So I try. Mizz Paterson should do the same instead of demanding they bow to her.

  10. RadioMattM # 8 ... let us hope so.

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