Friday, May 7, 2010

Thieves, Thieves, Thieves!

Theodore Dalrymple talks about the problems in Greece, soon to be in Britain, then far sooner than we would like, in America and the rest of the west.


  1. Well, mess or not, it could not have come sooner.

    I knew the Euro was going to be a complete mistake and I was overjoyed when Britain didn't join.

    How much more strife does Europe and North America have to endure before Soros and his ilk finally realise that we will not tolerate "One World" government. And, that we are not willing to "share" the fruits of our labour with those who choose not to contribute.

    Choosing not to contribute is completely different to not being able to contribute. I gladly pay my share to help those who cannot help themselves. But don't ask me to pay for those who can, but don't.

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