Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Pacifism, eurofederalism and anti-Americanism"

On the "Britain's Got Talent" thread lady red commented that "The English spirit lives." Unfortunately if Nick Clegg becomes the next Prime Minister of Britain he will do all he can to dampen that spirit.

And, in case you missed it the first time, Clegg is also a Jew hater who sees no need for the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.


  1. Fay, Clegg is Britain's Obama. I hope and pray that our cousins don't make the same horrible mistake we made.

    We'll know tomorrow. :(

  2. Wow, the British media are reporting that people heve been/are lining up to vote in the UK election. Don't think that has happened any time in recent memory. I hoping it's a good sign.

    Ten more minutes before the polls close (10pm GMT).

  3. Lady Red - You said just what I was going to.

    I hope our Britich cousins are smarter than we were during our last election.

  4. Me too Dances. I just read that hundreds of voters were turned away when the polls closed at 10pm. Some students at a University had been waiting for 3 hours to vote.

  5. BBC tweeters are reporting police being called in to move on people who have been told they can't vote after 10pm.

  6. I think the large turnout is a good thing. At least I HOPE it is...

    I wonder when we'll hear the results?

  7. The first result is in for Sunderland South a Labour stronghold that remains Labour. This is the riding that traditionally has the first result.

    Some polls will not even start counting until 9am GMT and the postal vote count will take longer. But I'm sure there will be a pretty good indication of the results before I go to bed tonight.