Monday, April 26, 2010

The Man Who Would Be King...

The UK general election is slated for May 6. Nick Clegg is the leader of the Liberal Democrat party and if the election results in a minority government as many are predicting, Mr. Clegg would hold the balance of power.

Apart from seeing his name and photograph in the British newspapers, I knew nothing of Clegg's background or beliefs before today. This article tells me everything I need to know.
As a former EU bureaucrat, Clegg brings with him to Westminster the sneering condescension towards Israel which is so pervasive in Brussels and Strasbourg. It is a destructive approach that undermines a close British ally while encouraging Israel’s enemies. There is an important distinction between a free, democratic society like Israel, acting in self-defence, and brutal terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hizbollah. Clegg’s drawing of moral equivalence between the two sides is both sickening and offensive.

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  1. I knew nothing about him either, until now.

    What a disgusting little man. The thought of him holding power makes my stomach turn. :(