Thursday, May 6, 2010

McCabe Is Free!

The last Navy Seal has been acquitted by a military jury.  Hell yes!


  1. Don't worry, the carriers of the Seals are already ruined, and this matter will come up again and again and again.

    Just because the Obama Railroad was put on a siding now does not mean they will not continue to go full throttle in any way they can. They'll find some excuse.

    Don't be surprised if the careers of the officers who acquitted McCain are also over.

  2. Make that McCabe, not McCain.

  3. And that should be "careers," not "carriers." Not in a good mood this afternoon. People in Greece seem to think they have the right to burn bank tellers to death. States think it's cool to make overt threats against it's citizens. NBA teams pander to law breakers. Not in a good mood this afternoon.

  4. As to the careers of the SEALS, I don't think they will suffer for this. I have no doubt politics will get it's revenge on the military somewhere, but it won't be here. They are protected.

    It will, however, keep happening. And there's no guarantee about the outcome of the next lying detainee's target.