Monday, April 26, 2010

What I got At The Library Today.

I have essentially been out of books since Thursday, when I turned in the last three, after being unable to read 'Lincoln, The Biography Of A Writer', wherein the now unremembered author spent convoluted sentence after convoluted sentence extolling the vitrues of Lincoln's clear writing , as well and numerous polysyllabic words meant to enthrall us with his use of simple language.

Suffice it to say, that when I reached a sentence somewhere near page 123 which read '...unreadable and joyless."  I said to myself, 'yes it is', and closed the book.

But today I picked up something which is sure to be far more tasty.

In fact, when I saw it sitting on the 'New Acquisitions' shelf, I just could not resist.

I wonder if the library will fine me if I drool on some of the pages?


  1. I'm reading American Lion and it's truly excellent.

    I also just finished The Tudors, and several volumes of utter pith.

  2. I hope you bought some cheese to nibble on while you read Dances.

    I highly recommend the Tiger Blue from Poplar Grove. One of three cheeses we tasted a number of weeks ago at a wine and cheese tasting. It is too die for.
    Probably not available in your area however :(

  3. AFW, Since my last 'report' I have read 'Horns' by Joe Hill, 'Out Of Control' by G. Gordon Liddy, 'Agincourt' by Bernard Cornwell, 'Treason' by Ann Coulter, one other which did not impress me enough to remember either the title or author, and the above-mentioned'Lincoln, The Biography Of A Writer'.

    Of all those, I recommend 'Horns', 'Agincourt' & 'Treason'.

    Fay, the Tiger blue looks winderful, but I live ni a teeny, tiny toy town, where (God help me)Wal-Mart is the height of gourmet food sales, and any grocery store that does not cater to the toothless is dommed.

  4. DWT - if you have a Wal Mart, do you also have a Sam's Club? Sam's has a GREAT selection of cheese, believe it or not.

  5. AFW - The nearest Sam's Club is about 1&1/2 hours away.