Monday, April 26, 2010

What I got At The Library Today.

I have essentially been out of books since Thursday, when I turned in the last three, after being unable to read 'Lincoln, The Biography Of A Writer', wherein the now unremembered author spent convoluted sentence after convoluted sentence extolling the vitrues of Lincoln's clear writing , as well and numerous polysyllabic words meant to enthrall us with his use of simple language.

Suffice it to say, that when I reached a sentence somewhere near page 123 which read '...unreadable and joyless."  I said to myself, 'yes it is', and closed the book.

But today I picked up something which is sure to be far more tasty.

In fact, when I saw it sitting on the 'New Acquisitions' shelf, I just could not resist.

I wonder if the library will fine me if I drool on some of the pages?


  1. I'm reading American Lion and it's truly excellent.

    I also just finished The Tudors, and several volumes of utter pith.

  2. I hope you bought some cheese to nibble on while you read Dances.

    I highly recommend the Tiger Blue from Poplar Grove. One of three cheeses we tasted a number of weeks ago at a wine and cheese tasting. It is too die for.
    Probably not available in your area however :(

  3. AFW, Since my last 'report' I have read 'Horns' by Joe Hill, 'Out Of Control' by G. Gordon Liddy, 'Agincourt' by Bernard Cornwell, 'Treason' by Ann Coulter, one other which did not impress me enough to remember either the title or author, and the above-mentioned'Lincoln, The Biography Of A Writer'.

    Of all those, I recommend 'Horns', 'Agincourt' & 'Treason'.

    Fay, the Tiger blue looks winderful, but I live ni a teeny, tiny toy town, where (God help me)Wal-Mart is the height of gourmet food sales, and any grocery store that does not cater to the toothless is dommed.

  4. DWT - if you have a Wal Mart, do you also have a Sam's Club? Sam's has a GREAT selection of cheese, believe it or not.

  5. AFW - The nearest Sam's Club is about 1&1/2 hours away.

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  7. And speaking of cheese.

    Since the end of June I have lived in a not-quite-so teeny, tiny toy town, where there happens to be a local meat market named Palumbo's (originator of the peanut butter hotdog, really.)

    They also smoke essentially every kind of cheese you can find and I am just now sitting down to try a smoked bleu.

    Just call me fearless.

    And... It is interestingly yummy.

    A little more firm and easily sliced than un-smoked bleu (yes, 'bleu' is an affectation)the white of the cheese has a little smokiness, so the mold's tanginess is a little less pronounced.

    It is very good in fact. I don't think it will replace Rosenborg on the top of my Bleu cheese favorites, list, but it might give Castello a run for second place.

  8. So. Dinner tonight is a new recipe - "Unintentional Lasagne"

    First time I've made it, and most likely the last as well,

    I HAD planned on stuffing cannelloni with spinach & ricotta, so I got set up for that.

    The canelloni had no cooking instructions, so I went online and found a supposed chef who said "boil 8 to 10 minutes until Al Dente.

    I looked at what he took out of the pot and Al Dente was not what I saw, so I decided to try six minutes.

    Should have been four.

    So, here I am with a spinach & ricotta mix, ready to stuff into cannelloni with all the spine of a snail, or a Republican congressman.

    After a vain attempt to stuff the first (and a few foul words, sigh)I had a brainstorm, complete with thunder, ouch. I cut the cannelloni lengthwise and it looked suspiciously like lasagna noodles (leaving me to wonder if the first lasagna was an accident as well)

    I'd already poured some roasted garlic pasta sauce into the baking dish to act as a base for the now-spineless pasta, so I laid out the now cut cannelloni over that, with a layer of ricotta & spinach and proceeded from there.

    At the top layer, however, I ran out. Of ricotta, sauce, and patience.

    So, I added the remainder of a jar of Herdez medium salsa, some extra sharp cheddar and about 1/2 pouch of 4 cheese Mexican blend.

    It's all in the oven now, and I'm about to go look. . .

    Not nearly done.

    So now it is a race between my appetite for unintentional Lasagne and my appetite for cheap port wine.

    So far, the wine is winning, but it did, after all, have a big headstart, as I was sipping it the whole time I was mismanaging my dinner cooking chores.

    Warning! My pride tells me - "ReRead this and check for spelling, typos, etc." My port wine tells me, "Just POST the damn thing"

    I am posting

    1. Best. Recipe. Ever.

      (Pretty sure the port wine plays an essential role. Do not attempt to reproduce results without it!)

    2. Actually, this gives me an idea for a new thread:

      "The Incidental Gourmet"

      Starting with DWTs inspiration those of us who wish to, can post original, made up (er, I mean creative) or adapted recipes.