Friday, April 23, 2010

Should Have Won The Oscar

If you haven't seen Avatar, you're missing a fantastic movie.  It's a film for all ages and tastes, but if you enjoyed Dune, LOTR, or even ET, you'll flip over Cameron's latest creation.  It's really long (almost three hours) but we were on the edge of our seats.  We laughed, we sniffled, we cheered, and we clapped at the end.

It's good.  Really good.


  1. We saw "The Hurt Locker" a few weeks ago. It stunk. I have no idea how it won any award, let alone an Oscar.

    Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

  2. lady red, so what is all the anti American bias we hear about this film? A lot of the reviews I read said that Avatar was a miltary bashing, anti US values movie???

  3. Fay, I heard that too. Most movies have some kind of "message" that I utterly ignore. This movie is set far into the future, takes place on another planet, and the "military" are actually mercenaries. I wasn't offended at all. I just take the political posturing with a grain of salt, and enjoy the special effects and the good parts.

    Avatar is also a tree-hugging movie in the same way that "Wall-E" was. I liked Wall-E too.

    It was a good movie, and I highly recommend it. :)

  4. We got The Hurt Locker against our better judgement. I made it through, oh, 15 minutes. Tom may have watched a little longer but we basically thought it was el stinko.

  5. I enjoyed Avatar (even though it cost us $30!!!); the plot was ridiculous and typical Hollywood: Exploitive corporations & war-mongering military = BAD! Gentle aboriginal people and Mother Gaia = GOOD!

    We ignored that and really got into the beautiful cinemetography and amazing computer work.

  6. Plus it was cool to see Sigourney Weaver still looking so good.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Mr. Dreamboat in Robin Hood.

  7. Thirty bucks? Yikes! Noah bought it at WalMart yesterday for twenty. ;)

    We rarely go to the cinema any more. When a movie hits the Red Box, we can rent it for a buck and enjoy it at home. Occasionally we'll buy a DVD.

  8. Go ahead, rub it in, lol! We saw it in IMax 3-D, that's why it was so pricy.

    But I figured, what the heck, the last movie we saw in the theater was that horrific Indiana Jones pt 4 (where they are all old).

  9. Although I did see Julie & Julia with my mom & sisters, that was a wonderful film.

    "We rarely go to the cinema any more. When a movie hits the Red Box, we can rent it for a buck and enjoy it at home. Occasionally we'll buy a DVD. "

    Same with us, lady red. When Avatar first started they had the sound cranked up so high I thought I'd have to leave the theater. Hard to believe I used to WANT them to play it that loud :-)

  10. We went to the theater to see "Indiana Jones: The Geriatric Years" too. By the time we bought tickets, popcorn, and a soda pop, we were out $35 bucks; just to watch a bunch of geezers hobble around and have weird adventures! Hell, we could've stayed home for that...:D

  11. I agree. Old Iron & I watched it together on our last meet up in Florida and I share your sentiments. Not sure what the issue was and all the BS about the underlying message was - it was a really good fantasy movie. Well done.

  12. We went to the theater to see "Indiana Jones: The Geriatric Years" too.
    lady red, you are a gem :-) Isn't she, KC?

  13. Your whole comment literally made me laugh out loud.

    I love ya, sistah!

  14. Hell, we could've stayed home for that...:D

    Or come to our house!

  15. Too busy now watching our Canuckle heads beat the Kings!

    Please let us make it to round two of the playoffs.

    And where is Jourdan anyway, he must have made it to NE by now for FS!

  16. Just bought the Avatar Blueray movie tonight :O)
    Saw it at the theater (not 3D) and really liked it. No doubt it definitely has an anti-military/corporation pro-New-Agey "we are all god" message, but if I couldn't ignore some of these messages I probably wouldn't be able to see too many movies.
    Oh, there was only one copy left in the store that was Blueray? And it was in someone's (possibly abandoned) cart.
    That is, until WE saw it.
    Then it was in OUR cart :OP~~
    HA! Ya snooze ya lose!

  17. lady red and florrie - a lot of military people didn't like Hurt Locker because they felt it wasn't the accurate portrayal it proclaimed itself to be.

    I haven't seen it and don't really want to. But I can tell you (and I'm sure lord red probably mentioned himself) that EOD don't run around willy nilly like that.

    There's a catch-22 with making accurate war movies, though (not that there are many actually made). I trust florrie, lady red, matt, fay, etc to understand the unique situation that is a soldier at war (or a person at war in general). The things that are said and done outside of the necessary killing and fighting are still not examples you'd want your kids to see. These are coping mechanisms, these are necessary to the situation (as all situational behavior is). For example, the gallows humor seems nasty and unfeeling.

    It offends a lot of people who aren't ready to understand what is behind it, it makes their opinions of warriors drop. Those "sensitive souls" think of the warriors as animals rather than recognizing that the situation makes the person. For lack of a better explanation.

    lady red - I really recommend Brothers at War for your husband. I think he'd get it, and I think he'd... enjoy is the wrong word. "Feel" it? Can't really explain beyond that, but I know you know what I mean. I think RadioMattM would really like it as well. It's kind of a guy movie. I mean, a good movie that women can appreciate, but it hits the gut for guys. If that makes sense.

  18. Family members went to see Hurt Locker with a Marine friend of ours. They all liked it a LOT (I concluded it must be a guy flick).
    The Marine said the depiction of the soldiers blowing off steam was very accurate. He said that at the end of the day the men on the ground / at the front are often so wound up that they behave and speak pretty belligerently, and that a fair few fights occurred because of it.
    Don't know - haven't seen it - but that was a Marine's take on the movie.