Monday, April 12, 2010

McCain Goes For Broke

John McCain must be chewing his fingernails in Arizona.  Check out this attack video, aimed at his primary opponent JD Hayworth:

I admit that I laughed a little. It's a very creative ad, but will it turn people cold? Or will it brand Hayworth as a kook, and sweep McCain into the general election?


  1. Hmm, I edited the width and height of the video, and it cut off the right side of the footage. It's still watchable though...


  2. If you double-click the video, it takes you to the original on YouTube, in full size.

  3. You have to adjust the width on the last line of the code rather than at the beginning of the code.

    ;0) You're welcome.

  4. Oh sheesh, I knew that! D'oh. Thank you Magic Fayre!

    /blushing with embarrassment...

  5. Wow, McCain must be really desperate. I thought it was ridiculous.

    McCain is a war hero and I will always respect and admire him for that. He's a very brave man.

    But I think it's time he retires. Not that I think JD Hayworth is any great gift to politics either. For starters, he looks like a cartoon character.

  6. For starters, he looks like a cartoon character.

    You say it like it's a bad thing! He's just drawn that way!



    BTW: lazy vikram finally updated the Seekrit Codez page with video embed instructions. Take a look and see if it makes sense, is correct, etc.

  7. Thanks lazy vikram, looks good (and correct)to me.

  8. Oh lewy, you crack me up! lol!!

  9. Why does this "birther" stuff still get legs? It matters not where you were physically popped from the womb, it's relevant, but not critical...what is critical is where it is recorded.