Friday, April 9, 2010

Goodbye And Good Riddance

Good news for the country: Bart Stupak is "retiring". The man who sold us out on health care won't seek another term. Something tells me he'll land in a cushy federal job; part of his three pieces of silver from the Obama/Pelosi machine. Congratulations to northern Michigan for loudly voicing their displeasure regarding his corrupt conduct during the health care brouhaha.

Stupak can't resist one last delusion:

The Tea Party Express is calling for his defeat at rallies in his sprawling northern Michigan district this week.

But Stupak tells the AP the attacks didn't influence his decision and he could win re-election if he tried.


  1. Stupak knows he would lose big time, despite what he says. As for the cushy jobs, the Reupublicans have vowed to do everything in their power to block such appointments. Perhaps if they Bork one or two people, the other won't want to go anywhere near the process.

  2. He won't be needing a cushy job. This man was no doubt EXTREMELY well paid for his role in pushing through the government medical takeover.
    We'll certainly never be allowed to find out how much, but if it were less than $50MM I would be very surprised.

  3. Actually, in the manner of Chicago politics, I think Stupak got gamed. Pelosi schooled Emanuel and Obama, when they were about to blink, then bent Stupak over the couch and had her way with him. I am convinced Pelosi views Obama as a convenient place holder for her Regency.

    She had no compunction about kicking Dingell to the curb in favor of Waxman,... even though Dingell was the longest serving proponent of health care reform in Congress...and barely acknowledged him in the end...even Obama had the class to have Dingell sit beside him for the signing.

    If you think this was bad, wait until Pelosi and crew dig in to Clean Air bills...the reason she dumped Dingell orignally....and VAT taxes, Pelosi style.

  4. lady red, that is the PERFECT graphic, I'm LMAO!

    And now, I am going to read your and Aridog's comments about VAT tax (I skimmed over the posts last night but was too tired to read much of anything).

  5. Aridog said:

    "I am convinced Pelosi views Obama as a convenient place holder for her Regency."

    I have said several times: Obama is a tool. The only thing he brought to the table is the color of his skin, so anyone who disagrees can be labled as a racist.