Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3.4 quake hit area nearby before mine expolsion

Fox News
Two seismic events -- one natural, the other manmade -- occurred not far from a West Virginia coal mine just days before a suspected methane explosion left at least 25 miners dead and four missing.

There was an explosion that caused a 2.9 seismic reading at a nearby mine as well. A geologist said that the natural quake was, at 100 miles, a bit too far away to have been a factor, but the manmade explosion at the other mine? Maybe.

An earthquake of that magnitude is strong enough to dislodge pockets of methane gas


  1. Interesting, MW.

    My heart breaks for the families of the dead miners. :(

  2. How scary life must be for families of miners just on a daily basis, huh? Always the chance of something like this happening.