Saturday, July 1, 2017

Open Thread

I've written five posts for TCKT which I've deep-sixed because fast moving events make them redundant and stale. My head has been whirling with so much winning! Even Trump's crass comments about Mika and Joe made me laugh out loud. Unpresidential? Yep. Spot on? Yes. He's not afraid to roll around in the muck and I love it. Mika and Joe can kiss my deplorable tush.

CNN has been handed their hat and shown the door. It appears that AP is standing in line behind them. Good. Fox News can get in line too, AFAIC.

I've been working on building the new chicken coop. I'll post pictures when it's finally done. Between work and grandkids and my mom being sick I've been going 90 miles an hour lately. I had to plant my garden a THIRD time, after frost killed my first plants and hail hammered the second batch. I'm settling for a few tomatoes and some squash. All my fruit was killed by the frost. Bummer.

Matt, I just heard that you've been under the weather. I'm glad you're home now, and I'm sorry I missed commenting on FB. I've been rather disgusted with FB as of late, and been spending my time on other things. I'm working on a snail-mail letter to you and Fay, watch your post! Also, you all's grandkiddos are SO cute!  Little Miss M and wee Master L are adorable!

Dances, I'm so relieved that your news is good.

What I'm reading.

What's next.

What I've pre-ordered.

My state is working hard on overhauling the medicaid program. Unfortunately, they're considering across-the-board cuts with lifetime caps, which will be devastating to sick/disabled children who need ongoing care. I read the other day that 1/3 of my state's residents are enrolled in medicaid. That's ridiculous.  We need to get adults back to work instead of sitting on their backsides whining. We need tort reform and we need to prosecute those companies who overcharge the system. There are MANY things we can do to get costs down without abandoning sick kids.

So, what are you all up to?


  1. Oh, where do I start?

    I know what you mean about having trouble coming up with something that is recent but not out of date. I think I may have commented on that on an email recently. I want to be topical but I don't want to talk about old news, either.

    That brings a couple of thoughts to mind: 1) Some websites I read just repost things posted elsewhere. I want to tell the people running those blogs that the reason I read them is to get their take, not just a regurgitation of posts from elsewhere. 2) Even though they just regurgitate other sites, sometimes the posts STILL have whiskers -- the better part of a week old.

    CNN: Germany is going to fine news sites for "fake" news, and the American media is upset because Trump does not kiss their collective asses? I would hate to see the government fine news agencies. That would be a dangerous precedent. I do not feel that it is governments job to penalize the news media. Call them out, yes -- make them justify what they say. Punitive action (and I don't consider not calling on particular reporters as punitive action), no.

    You know Lady Red, you should not be so sedentary. It's not good for you. You do realize that the frost was caused by global warming, don't you?

    I heard some of the nurses at LMH are going to hit me with a palimony suit. Can't figure out what is going on. The pacemaker is doing fine. My echo was clear. For some reason I just get out of breath for no apparent reason. Stress? Who knows? But I was even that way when I was out at the pool with the (two generations of) young'uns -- not exactly a stressful situation. It is embarrassing, really.

    But OH how I love having the grand babies up! Also had a wonderful time with my son and his wife.

    I hear what you say about cutting costs. (The doctor at the hospital, whom I have great respect for, pointed out that my health is much more important than my job and the they have spend half a million dollars to keep me healthy.) I think one of the reasons Trump is getting so much opposition is that he knows how to get a good job done at a reasonable cost. That goes against what so many in power want.

    So who else had a boring week?

    1. Netflix has made a movie about the Hulk Hogan/Gawker lawsuit called "Nobody Speak". Description from the Netflix site: "Hulk Hogan's court case against Gawker Media sheds light on wealthy, powerful figures who challenge freedom of the press in order to silence critics."

      Really? This is so ridiculous. I haven't watched it, and probably won't. What Gawker did is unconscionable, and all the hit pieces and fictional stories on Gawker, CNN et al have fueled the fire of disdain for media in general. And that's where it should stay, penalty-wise. Viewers can tune out, viewers can unsubscribe from newspapers and magazines. However, a gov't that has the power to financially injure a media outlet for "fake news" is a gov't that has the power to destroy a media outlet for "badthink". Germany is off the rails, and we're close behind them.

      My favorite website for fresh news and outstanding original reporting is The Gateway Pundit. Jim Hoft has done a remarkable job.

  2. Oh, and I am reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I love how he paints vivid pictures with simple language. It is a short book, but I am being slow about it. Maybe I am having a little trouble getting into the story even though I love how it is written.

    I have been trying to do a bunch more reading this year. I recently read a biography of Johnny Cash. That was a long book, but I enjoyed it. Before that I read a Matt Helm novel and a book written by an intelligence officer at Pearl Harbor. I am trying to switch genres from book to book.

    1. I love Steinbeck. And Hemingway. LOVE.

      My reading has slowed to a crawl the past six months. I can't seem to find any decent fiction to read. Just because it has 5 stars on Amazon doesn't mean squat. I read and enjoy a wide variety of genres, and as long as a book is well-written I will find some enjoyment in it. Or if not well-written, a least a jolly good yarn. I just started "Hitler in Hell". I'm about 10%. I bought it because (a) it's something totally different, (b) it's supporting Castalia House, and (c) Martin Van Creveld. I'm super looking forward to the book of short stories queued up next. I love short stories, and I enjoy good scifi. As far as "Dangerous"...hell yeah I bought it. Milo fights the good fight. The higher we can push his book in the Amazon rankings, the better. It's a thumb-in-the-eye to the publishing gatekeepers.

  3. Checking in real quick.

    There are more events happening my hometown which confirm that it, along with Berkeley and Austin, will be on the front lines.

    Yeah. Awesome.

    Meanwhile I'm back East, deep in blue territory.

    1. Depends on where you are in the East. The closer you get to me, the more red it becomes.

      Are you trained on a 12 gauge? (the AR 15 is mine, sorry)

    2. The closer you get to me, the more red it becomes.

      Man I love that! ;)

      Yeah I ducked in to Massholia for a bit. Wows. Stayed with a family whose matriarch rolls her eyes at the thought of visiting New Jersey. I mean I've driven through it; why would I get out?

      Niiice. Appalachia is just not on her map at all.

  4. VERY irritating that while my email was down I lost an opportunity at buying a 250 round case of buckshot loads for only $65 ($83 with shipping & NRA Roundup) So that means I have only a little over 700 12 Gauge and 1200+ .223/5.56 available

    I have 13 loaded AR-15 magazines, but only a 50 round bandolero of 12 gauge (I am too short for the 55 round version)

    1. See this is where it's important to keep track of the equipment vs sport thing.

      Guns are cool. Firefights... kinda suck.

      (On this score, I like the Michael Mann movies Heat with Pacino and DeNiro, and Miami Vice from 2006 with Colin Farrell and Gong Li. He does a really great job demonstrating how completely miserable it is to be stuck in a firefight.)

  5. Interestingly, today I received a notice from my insurance company (and the failed, third-rate physician who consults for them)that my Brachytherapy, done on April 23rd, was not approved as "medically necessary"
    Nice they waited two months after the procedure to tell me so, huh?

    If they think they will get a single penny from me under there circumstances, they are sorely mistaken.

    1. As I said on that old thread, and I will repeat here:

      Whaaat? They can do that? How can they decide retroactively not to pay? What is a patient supposed to do? Is there an appeals process? OMG, what a mess, I'm so sorry for you.

      Is this a new feature of Obummercare? Or is it something that was always a possibility? I can't get my head round this.

  6. My mother is now in a nursing home, with almost x\zero connection to reality. The first time in my life I've ever worried about a strong imagination.

    Her delusions are clear, convincing, and frightening, as mine will be in about 20 years

    1. You don't know that Dances. Keep positive and keep active, both physically and mentally. That will keep the nightmares and possibly even the dementia at bay.

      Sending you virtual hugs and positive thoughts. {{{♥}}}

    2. Good advice Anne! The BEST advice. Keep active!

      Love ya Dances. I'm sending lots of hugs too. ♥

    3. So sorry to hear that, Dances. I can't say anything better than what Annie wrote. Hugs...

  7. If you enjoy short stories, you'll love Forbidden Thoughts (link is in my original post: "what's next"). Oh my gosh, it's been YEARS since I've read a decent short story, and these are really incredible. I'm halfway through the book, and I've immediately reread one story (it was THAT good) and another story left me with teary eyes but hope in my heart. Six stars!