Sunday, May 7, 2017

What is happening?

When I was in the seventh grade, I was the manager of the 7th-8th grade baseball team for my junior high school. Most of the students were children of soldiers, ranging from enlisted men to officers. (Our dear Florie had gone to the same junior-senior high school).

At one point we were tied for first place.We were scheduled to play the other first place team -- a private academy. The game was to be played at their home field.

The umpire for the game was the superintendent of that private academy.

By the time the game was over, seven innings as I recall, our pitchers had walked twenty-one (21) batters. Twenty-one. I doubt our pitchers threw a called strike that day.

I don't remember what the score was, but I was disgusted by the whole thing. Everyone on the team was disgusted by the whole thing. But nobody would have seriously thought that we should try to cause bodily harm to the umpire.

That brings us to modern times. I am disgusted by the following two videos, much more than I was by the superintendent/umpire in 1969.

The action starts at about 1:30 in the second video.

What are especially sad are the comments. Some people actually believe that it is justifiable  to intentionally throw at an umpire if he is doing a terrible job.

From what I gather, not only did the teams responsible forfeit their games, but the students involved were banned from further play. At least people in positions of responsibility took appropriate action and those involved will be suffering the consequences of their behavior for years to come. But it is sad that they thought that they were entitled to behave in such a fashion.

Very sad.


  1. A generation of self-centered know-nothings who aren't at all loathe to cause another person harm. Very sad indeed (but thank you for those kind words, Matt).

    Here is another video of young people, just having fun at a pool party this last weekend in Florida...

  2. I saw that video, Florie. Disgusting. But I am sure that the arrest of the kid will be branded as racism.

  3. I thought it was disgusting too, Matt. I felt upset for the woman (and her dogs). To be completely honest, I would never have gone anywhere near that pool, I'd have let the police handle it.

  4. And back to sports...I also think part of the disrespect shown by these kids is a reflection of their parents - many of whom get waaaay too worked up and involved in the process of a game. We've all seen the brawls at kid's soccer, football and baseball games, it just seems unreal.

    1. I played a lot of softball as a kid. If I would have engaged in this type of behavior at one of my games, not only would my parents have beat my ass but EVERY PARENT IN THE STANDS would have beat my ass. Hard. Right there on the field. Then I would have been forced to apologize. But honestly, this type of thing didn't happen back then. We were civilized.

      Nowadays parents aren't allowed to discipline their kids by spanking their behinds until they can't sit for a week.

    2. "We were civilized."

      Couldn't agree more, lady red.