Saturday, February 18, 2017

James Barber: Adagio For Strings

This is the most poignant piece of music I know.  I post it here in honour of Don's much loved sister, Debbie.

May she Rest in Peace with her husband, Ralph.

Such sadness for the living but much peace for the departed.


  1. A beautiful piece of music sent with much love.

  2. And I give my thanks for it. It fits the mood too well:

    I said that I had made my last comment on this, but there is one more thing I must say.

    Heard this from a cousin, at the funeral yesterday. He visited with Debbie three days before she was transferred.

    It seems the night before, they had admitted a 92 year old woman, who was alone and crying. Debbie sang "Amazing Grace" to her, and after a few minutes, the woman stopped crying and began to recite the words along with Debbie's singing.

    She helped others until the very end.

    Amazing Grace was one of the songs we sang at her funeral.

    1. And as long as you feel the need to talk about it, we will listen.

    2. Debbie was a beautiful soul.

  3. A thoughtful choice of music. Just beautiful. Rest in peace, Debbie.

  4. One of my favourite pieces - thanks for sharing.
    And a lovely tribute to your sister Debbie Don.

  5. This is lovely Fay. Our TCKT family has been through some sad times together. I love you all.

  6. It still brings tears.

    Things have gotten worse, but I will not longer burden other with that