Monday, November 7, 2016

Well alrighty then.

As I was looking at FaceBook this morning, I came upon this meme:

Anyone who follows the truth at all knows that Donald Trump treats his people fairly. He listens to the people who actually do the work at his sites. Trump asks for their suggestions and often implements them.

The left, however, would rather listen to a former community organizer who has never had a real job in his life -- the only Editor in the history of the Harvard Law Review who never had an article published by the Harvard Law Review.

I wanted to post this video in response to the meme:

Perhaps you have seen the video already. The feelings and story outlined in the video are not unusual among people who have worked for Trump. I challenge you to find similar heartfelt gratitude expressed for Hillary Clinton.

I could not remember the name of the video, so I Googled "Trump Restoring America."

The results I first got were: "Showing Trump Destroying America Show instead results for Trump Restoring America."

I finally found the video. I copied the link into FaceBook and typed some comments to go along with it. FaceBook told me that the link was not available, or was not available to posted:

"Unable to post comment. Try Again"

Trump supporters get assaulted, but we are constantly being told that it is Trump Supporters who are causing the violence. Trump fills arenas with overflow crowds while Hillary can't fill a phone booth without paying people to be there, but we are told that Hillary had been ahead in the polls. We are told that Hillary did not commit any crimes with here emails and was "only" extremely reckless, and we are supposed to have great confidence in her. We find out that the DNC sought input from CNN to prepare questions for Republican debates and fed Hillary questions ahead of Democratic debates, but we are supposed to believe what the media tell us.

And Trump is the dangerous one who will be the downfall of modern civilization.

Oh, how I pray for the right outcome in tomorrows election.


  1. 1. I'm sure there are lots of Trump helped someone stories out there. This is just one.

    2.Is he uncouth, rude, crude, infantile, narcissistic, egotistical and boastful? Yes.

    Number 1. outweighs Number 2. for me.

  2. We have decided t go for dinner and a movie on Election Day. Plan to be home around 9pm west coast, midnight east coast. Hoping it will be OVER by then!

  3. What a powerful testimony. Thanks for sharing this Matt; I hadn't seen it before.

    A friend who lives in a suburb of St. Louis told me today that she personally knows four people whose ballots were changed from Trump to Clinton. We will have to win by millions of votes to counteract the rampant fraud. Millions.

    Can do.


  4. I've noticed another meme popping up from my braindead lib friends and family as a Trump win becomes ever more possible: can't we all just get along and listen to each other? Can't we compromise?


    No we can't. If we win we will beat you like rented mules. Our ears will be deaf to the sounds of your incessant bleating. Are hearts will be hardened against your ridiculous, civilization-killing, never-ending, petulant demands.

    In other words, go piss up a rope.


    1. Oh good grief..."are" = "our". Sheesh.

  5. I just read a good 'un. If We Lose. by Gavin McInnes.

    "So here is how we’re going to lose: We are going to fight even harder to get this country back and we are going to fight dirty. When they go low, we are going to go lower. If they want to make it personal and ignore the facts, we’re happy to dive into the muck. The majority of the GOP refuse to do this and this is why they just became extinct. When Rush Limbaugh indicated that Sandra Fluke might be a slut for demanding birth control from a Catholic institution, conservatives were outraged he swore. Fuck them. We swear now."

    Read the whole thing. He pulls no punches.

    1. Great read, Lady Red. The left ain't gonna know what hit them with the Gavin's and Milos that are starting to become more and more common.