Sunday, November 13, 2016

This is why I Love Rod Liddle

Go read the whole thing.

The deplorables are rather wonderful people, aren’t they? Both here and in the United States. The people’s revolution continues apace, defying the odds each time, defying the pollsters, defying the elite. I cannot tell you how pleasurable it was to scamper downstairs on Wednesday morning to check out the reaction on the Guardian’s website. It kept me cackling for hours. The previous morning the paper had concluded its fatuous leader column with the words: ‘Americans should summon a special level of seriousness and display a profound responsibility when they go to the polls.’ That alone had made me yearn for a Trump victory — the arrogant, chastising tone which liberals, especially European liberals, always adopt when dealing with commoners and plebs, the people who do not buy into their palpably failing and idiotic worldview.

I was briefly for Obama in 2008 until the witless euphoria began to dissolve my brain and I switched at the last minute. The Mandela-fication of Obama — crass, patronising and misplaced — annoyed me more than McCain’s evident dimness and negative charisma.


  1. Ron Liddle is always brilliant. I love his iconoclasm, and he's also very funny.

    Altogether I love the Spectator. It very much speaks to me. Did you see this article there too? The sneering response to Trump's victory reveals exactly why he won.