Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mizzou-Hoisted On Their Own Petard

Mizzou is taking it on the chin after their stunningly stupid handling of the "protests" there.
The school is braced for a 25 percent drop in new students this coming fall, forcing the institution to enact painful budget cuts, as well as hiring and salary freezes.
“We do know that the events of last fall have had an effect on our application numbers; however, it’s difficult to provide a specific number as we do not have any hard data," University of Missouri spokesman Christian Basi said in a statement to Foxnews.com.
That's not the only place they'll lose revenue; it occurs to me that their legions of sports fans will stop attending events and stop buying shirts and hats, as well as other items emblazoned with the Tiger logo. And alumni financial support? This could also be a huge "ouch".

The financial price could ultimately be catastrophic, which is a shame. It WAS a good school that we in flyover land proudly supported.

And this. So much THIS:
“College enrollment is declining overall – perhaps because high school graduates are realizing trivial courses that lecture on “white privilege” and “queer liberation” – just to name two – don’t help one much with employment and real-world problems,” Kyle Olson, founder and head of the Education Action group and news site EAGnews.org, told FoxNews.com.
He adds that the same can be true of the microcosm of Mizzou.
“Do most reasonable people want classmates who parade through the library finger-waving about the supposed evils of whiteness – or professors who threaten the safety of their students and undermining the very tenant that protects their profession for which she is training them: the First Amendment?” he asked.


  1. alumni need to let colleges know that they won't keep funding this insanity. i'm glad that more people are staying away from that place. money talks.

    1. Thanks for your comment Phantom, and welcome to The Table!

      Yes, money talks. While these schools get an enormous amount of scratch from the feds in the form of grants, scholarships, and indirectly by guaranteeing student loans, an uprising by the alumni could have an sizable impact on their budget.