Sunday, January 31, 2016

And now a world from our sponsor

I remember when I was young that my family enjoyed the commercials from Hamm's Beer, not that we ever drank the stuff.

When we returned from Germany in 1966, the first Hamm's commercial was this one:

It is nice to see it after all these years.


  1. I'm not sure I understand the "brand promise" of Hamm's from a marketing perspective.

    They're after the middle aged drunk and delusional market?

  2. Replies
    1. LMAO!!!!

      Definitely, lewy, I can see myself shooting that all over the yard...especially after political discussions ;-)

      BTW, I think I've mentioned that I've been watching all the oscar-nominated movies. Highly recommend Ex Machina to all, I guess I'd call it a tech/geek suspense. I loved it.

    2. flo: excuse me y'all I gotta go PLANT SOME DAMN FLOWERS... ;)

    3. Lewy, LMAO!!! Perfect shells for florrie!

  3. Nice find, Matt! The actors look vaguely familiar.

    1. I thought so, too. Especially the bartender.

      Speaking of familiar actors, I saw The Great Escape when we were in Germany. When we got back we started catching up on the new TV shows. We visited a friend of my brother's. His sister had a Man From Uncle fan magazine. I was looking through it and saw a picture of Ilya Kuriyakan from the Great Escape. I remembered him, but not enough to recognize him in Uncle.

  4. I remember those commercials Matt! I don't recall anyone actually drinking Hamm's, but I grew up in Coors country, back when Coors was actually good beer, and not watered-down skunk.

    I've become a beer snob. Hee hee!