Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Million Years Ago

Adele.  For florrie. And for me.


  1. We don't have a tivo, etc., so I wasn't able to tape the Radio City concert for future viewing. However, I *did* find a good copy on youtube! I loved this, Fay, and didn't see her on the Today show. Someone blipped a second or two about halfway through but it was still awesome. I can't get over how good she is live, especially for someone who has said she's extremely nervous and has stage fright. There are musicians whose music I love but I don't enjoy watching them perform (Joni Mitchell comes to mind). That's not the case with Adele, I am very drawn in with her hand movements - of all things! She's just such a natural talent. I'm glad this clip showed a little of the interview after the song, and Adele told Matt Lauer...fanks so much!!


  2. She has an amazing range. I love her voice; it's mesmerizing.

  3. I love your sidebar photo Fay! The flowers at the King David make me's almost spring. Almost. :)

    1. Thanks lady red. Matt's a pretty good phototakerer :) We had just wandered out onto the terrace at the King David and nestled into a little corner was this wonderful array of pots. I found it very charming and informal.