Friday, February 13, 2015

Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - John The Revelator

This is an old gospel standard covered many times - this version was recorded for the Sons of Anarchy season one finale.

It has a raw folk/bluegrass feel to it, which I like very much. There are several different postings of this song on youtube; I tried to select the one with the best audio quality.

This is bourbon drinking music. In fact if you just listen to the song you can feel the bourbon working without even drinking any, which is even better.


  1. Can't remember the last time I drank bourbon. We had many a toast of Jack at my father in law's funeral and wake. As it should have been, so it was.

  2. The bourbon just runs through your veins with this.

  3. This song gets stuck in my head (soul?) for weeks at a time. There is something so smoky and powerful in the music and lyrics. The bluegrass component contains that eerie thread from the olde country...the haunting folk tunes brought to America by the English, Irish, and Scots. This song captures a bit of that plus the bluesy gospel angst nurtured in the rural American South. I absolutely love it! Bourbon for the ears.