Saturday, December 20, 2014

Brooklyn, and The Nation, In Mourning

Two of our men in blue won't be celebrating Christmas with their families. They are dead tonight, ambushed and executed by a low-life scum.
The simmering cold war involving the NYPD and various elements of New York's population just went nuclear when a little before 3:00 PM, reports hit that two NYPD officers were shot in their patrol car, and subsequently died, in what has been dubbed an "execution style" ambush in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy area. The alleged shooter was chased by police and subsequently died of a self-inflicted gun wound.
Reports are that the shooter, who allegedly killed his girlfriend earlier in the day, took the coward's way out rather than face the music for his utter barbarity and depravity. He posted an Instagram message before carrying out his despicable plan, claiming the executions were in retaliation for Eric Gardner and the thug Mike Brown.

I hope the mayor is fucking happy for throwing gasoline on the fire. I guarantee he won't be welcome at the funerals of these officers.


  1. Every day these brave men and women stand between the good people and the savages. RIP.

  2. Blood on DeBlasio's hands. Did you see him wipe off the non-existent tears twice during the presser, and his prolonged sighs? NONE of the cops could even look at him while he was talking.

    Words have consequences. De Blasio, Sharpton and Obama know that but I think they couldn't care less.

  3. My deepest sympathies go out to the families of the 2 fallen officers. Their holidays will never be the same.

  4. RIP to the slain officers.

    The moral turpitude and complete lack of leadership by the people holding the highest offices in the land disgusts me.

    For shame.

  5. What was the shooter afraid of? The Disgrace-in-Chief probably would have invited him to the White House.

    DeBlasio better be sacrificing a goat to mother earth or whatever (since he would not be praying to G*d) in the hope that no-one tries to do anything to him. The response time might be a little slow. In truth, I doubt the response time would be slow: the police would have too much honour to allow anything to happen if they could prevent it.

  6. After reading comments on some other blog, I had a thought. We should send letters to the likes of John Boener and tell them that their pandering to Obama indicates their support for lawless actions such as the assignation of these two police officers. If Boener and his ilk want to be judged well by history, and by future criminal trials, they had better act according to the wishes of the people that voted overwhelmingly Republican last month.

  7. Who would have ever thought that the United States would have a President who, by his actions, encourages the murder of police officers.

    If the left wants a revolution, they may very well get one. Soon. And they won't know what hit them.

  8. This was a cold blooded act of terrorism. Not a tragedy, an outrage. Full stop.

    I'm reluctant to blame DeBlasio or Obama though.

    Counterfactual: if the Garner choking video had come out and a Giuliani was mayor, and a Reagan was president, would this cowardly punk still gone ahead with his crime?

    Most likely yes, IMO. So it's hard to see how DeBlasio and Obama are culpable.

    As to the less than full throated support for the police: the Garner choking was a very questionable action. If it was "by the book", then it's even more questionable.

    There is no way to question this kind of policy which seems to be acceptable to the police - especially the police union.

    The offense I've read DeBlasio to be guilty of with respect to is words is his reference to his half-black son. Yes, black teenagers have to be circumspect around cops - more so than whites. I believe that. The cops aren't racist, they just understand probability. The chances that a random teen is dangerous or a perp is conditioned on race; the fact that a teen is black increases that probability. Again, it's not racism, it's statistics, and the cops aren't PC-stupid, because their life is on the line everyday.

    So if I had a mixed race son I'd have the same talk DeBlasio did.

    I probably wouldn't have mentioned it after the Garner incident, but his doing so did not kill those two cops. Obama did not kill those two cops. The violent crazy loser killed those cops.

    There is a very serious problem with the police; one that isn't going to be helped by random terrorism. But it's not going away, either. I stand with the police but I'm not sure that the level of support I'd have them would make them happy. "Shut up and accept what we do" seems to be their requirement, and I don't think that's consistent with a free society.

    Now I may not have all the facts around who said what, or who this punk took his inspiration from. But in general I think there should be a high bar to pin blame on public figures for private violence; I'm thinking of that guy Brevic in Norway in particular. Pamela Geller got blowback over that; Brevic had specifically cited her work (which I don't think this terrorist creep - not going to be bothered to google his name - has done here with DeBlasio or Obama). I didn't think Geller deserved crap for that at all - she didn't kill anyone, or advocate for anyone being killed - it was all on Brevic.

    So I'm not sure this is on DeBlasio or Obama, whatever contempt I hold for them politically (and it is considerable).

  9. They fueled the fires, lewy. Their rhetoric - if not directly - is at the very least indirectly responsible. The NYPD knows this. That's why they all turned their backs on DeBlasio when he was walking through them at the hospital where the murdered officers were. Obama is - if not directly - at the very least indirectly responsible by not using his unparalleled power and office to lead and diffuse this very fiery racial situation that has steadily amped up since the Trayvon Martin death. Instead, he makes wishy-washy statement, never in full support of our police, meets with protesters and tells them to "stay the course". Sharpton is such a slimy piece of shit that I don't even need to mention the particulars in his case.

    Reagan, GWB, Giuliani, etc., would never had made the equivicating statement that Obama and De Blasio made. Never. Like them or hate them, they know how to lead.

    I didn't find any difference when De Blasio warned his son about cops and Derbyshire warned his son about large groups of blacks. But the blow-back was sure different, wasn't it?

    1. Racism is a one way street, florrie.

      How many cases of the knockout game have occurred where blacks attack and kill whites? How many federal hate crime charges have been filed? But have one white attack and kill a black and the Holder Justice Department is all over it.

      I don't even think it is a matter of Obama and DeBlasio making weak statements. I think they are flat-out encouraging the behaviour.

  10. I am not of the "meekly follow the police" school of thought either. But how much of this "police acted stupidly" do we have to have?

    Do I think the Garner case could and should have been avoided? Yes, but the police did not say, "Hey there is a black man, let's go hassle him." The police were called, people were complaining about Garner. As for the law he was violating, it was not a law put in place by the police. It was a law put in place by the DeBlasios and Obamas of the world. "Let's tax the snot out of everything." Besides that, Garner was not wresled to the ground for selling cigarettes illegally; he was wrestled to the ground for resisting. So what are the police supposed to do? Has the United States become a nation where laws only apply to those who are stupid enough to follow them? If the police try and arrest a criminal and the criminal says, "Leave me alone," are the police just supposed to say, "OK sir. Sorry we bothered you," and walk away?

    Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall hearing either DeBlasio or Obama saying there is no excuse for saying, "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now!" The rhetoric of those two has done nothing to silence those cries, but they have done a great deal to encourage it.

    Despite grand jury proceedings that carefully weighed the evidence in the Brown case, Obama and Holder still are conducting federal Civil Rights investigations into the matter. Those two wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass, or, rather, they do know the truth and do not care in the slightest.

    This week there was a shooting in Arizona. The weapon used was was traced back to Fast and Furious. How many people have died from that? However, any attempt to hold people responsible for that mess is called racist.

    Fine people come in all colors. Evil people come in all colors. My patients is running thin for those who feel that criminal behaviour should be excused because of wrongs committed a long time ago. Where is this concern for black people when they kill each other?

    1. RMM, you said...

      Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall hearing either DeBlasio or Obama saying there is no excuse for saying, "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now!" The rhetoric of those two has done nothing to silence those cries ...

      THAT is the whole point, IMO. De Blasio's lack of serious commentary about those chants is telling in my mind. He's the Mayor of NYC and the event cited was broadcast on national television. He, of all people, should have said something specifically condemning that chant at the least...if only to send a signal that it is NOT what the average New Yorker thinks. His silence was deafening. I think former NYPD Detective Deitl got it right when he called De Blasio "Big Bird" ... big, tall, and useless.

      I feel comfortable saying this because, in Detroit we had Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (it took a federal conviction, with a 28 year sentence, to be rid of him for good), and before him, Mayor Coleman Young...who actually ran for office on a suppress the police theme. We subsequently went through a period, roughly 1975-1985 when police response was laggard unless the call said "shots fired, officer down" or the equivalent. That WILL happen now in NYC (again)...and the police all turning their backs to De Blasio as he walked past is the first sign.

      De Blasio could have made a difference. He didn't. End of story.

      Not sure you can blame stupid, if that is what it is...but you can dislike it.

    2. I can't blame Obama. He is feckless and a narcissistic tool, lacking real self esteem, always earnestly (pathetically) seeking affirmation...he will say anything he thinks gives him "cred" so better he sticks to his imaginary experiences or just shuts up.

      If Obama does well on the paid speaker circuit down the road, maybe, just maybe, he will learn to actually like himself.

  11. I was shocked when there was no response from the top about those protesters, including individuals who were interviewed one-on-one saying the same things about wanted cops dead.

    I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson will sing a song about this, or if the Jets will run out to their field wearing jerseys with words honoring the slain officers?

    Fine people come in all colors. Evil people come in all colors. My patients is running thin for those who feel that criminal behaviour should be excused because of wrongs committed a long time ago. Where is this concern for black people when they kill each other?

    They don't care about that. That's tribal. That's no business of white people. I also believe fine people come in all colors. Ditto evil. But the racial grievance industry is steam-rolling along, gaining momentum and it will be to the downfall of us all. Oh, how I wish our first black president could have been some one like Dr, Ben Carson or Sen.Tim Scott. Or even Cory Booker.

  12. Matt, florrie, I really don't disagree with what you're saying.

    (Matt, my position on enforcement of bad laws is a bit more nuanced; I'm sure we could have a good discussion on it but my views aren't even relevant here.)

    I'm just saying that there should be a high hurdle to say someone has blood on their hands, or that they're encouraging murder and terrorism. In my view that hurdle hasn't been reached with Obama or DeBlasio. (Sharpton isn't worth my time to even have an opinion on.)

    The talking point I'd go with is to simply state the fact: this is domestic terrorism, and where is the official response consistent with domestic terrorism? I think this is a better angle, because it's hard to dismiss, and shows up the double standard in the clearest way possible.

  13. One of the executed officers is of Chinese descent, and the other is Hispanic. This will complicate the verbal diarrhea likely to spew from Sharpton and his ilk. I wouldn't be surprised to see the media sweep the whole incident under the rug, rather than try to run with a narrative that makes the shooter a martyr.

    Lewy, I think that De Blasio/Obama/Holder inflamed the Gardner incident by injecting race into the equation. What did they think would happen? The targeting and execution of these police officers isn't domestic terrorism, IMHO. This is hot, bullets-flying, civil unrest, fomented by the some of the most influential black leaders in our land, and abetted by a cadre of despicable whites who are playing at anarchy for their own amusement.

    I read a series of tweets at another site glorifying the shooter for downing pigs. It's sickening.

  14. Lewy, you said ...

    I'm just saying that there should be a high hurdle to say someone has blood on their hands, or that they're encouraging murder and terrorism.

    There is and it was met by De Blasio, who had the bully for Obama, who cares? He'll inject himself in to almost anything these afflicted he is with Low-SE...e.g., Low Self Esteem. Is there a pill for that? :-))

    As far as anyone "saying" he has blood on his hands, the issue is how he is perceived...whether or not he did anything wrong, technically...his error was an error of omission...e.g., not saying anything to strongly condemn the chants for "dead cops now", etc. I can say "jump" and you hear "bump"...what really counts in how you react? I posit the latter...what you think you heard. Silence is often an endorsement. Lawyers is what it is...the "Big Bird" showed his colors by his effective silence.

    I am (also) a father of a bi-racial child, whom I adore, and I'd never have counseled her on specific aversion or avoidance behavior regarding the police. I simply told her, repeatedly, to respect the uniform and badge where applicable (you can file a complaint later if warranted) and otherwise "own" what she does or did...keep it in bounds for civility. It did have an impact when she was arrested, with an accomplice who was the instigator, for a serious felony. He was ratting her out as the instigator falsely, in the next room...and it took little persuasion from me, in front of the police , to advise her to simply tell the truth and not take a fall for an idiot. BTW...I v-e-r-y near killed the guy, a finger twitch away from firing, but that's another story. I had to respect the law if I expected her to do so. Lucky for that sniveling little weasel, I'd say. I did manage a bit of getting him charged with multiple felony robbery charges (by providing physical evidence to the police) ... and even his mother begged me to lie in court...but I didn't. He was convicted. If I ever read his name in a report of a serious criminal endeavor where others were hurt, I will know I made a mistake...for not killing him. That guilt will be on me...I failed to act. Just like De Blasio.

  15. Crickets, eh? :-))

    Now and then we just have to tell the truth. De Blasio is incapable of that. I will give my kid credit for her race-blind ability to make friends with all kinds of people, even in high school she befriended those who had no friends and may have changed their lives...because she stood up and said something. She is the one who gathers up the eclectic group we shoot targets with bi-weekly ... and it looks like a UN convention.

    1. Ari, I owe you a response - I've been busy the last couple days, and I'm thinking right this second is not a good time to argue my point - a couple of cops are dead in New York after all.

      Suffice it to say for now I think New York is in a world of hurt. The mayor, the cops, and large parts of the public are at odds. Not a recipe for livable neighborhoods.

  16. That's a good thing. I think it may be somewhat prevalent in military life because it's naturally integrated - not forced. I know we didn't react to someone being Hispanic, black, German, Korean, etc., since they were our schoolmates, friends and neighbors. My parents never made any distinctions so neither did we.

  17. response owed. I won't change my mind anyway. I've seen and lived through the exact same thing in Detroit. That it is recurring in NYC is the tragedy. Other than Dennis Archer and Dave Bing, Detroit had nothing but trouble makers for Mayor for a long time. Mike Duggan has followed Bing and that is a good thing...Both Bing and Duggan have executive experience and are not hung up on race or cops. Both will speak out if a mob screaming to kill cops were to occur...but those mobs have not occurred in Detroit now. THAT alone speaks volumes.

    Candy Crowley (before she was canned) tried hard to provoke the Detroit Police Chief James Craig, formerly a Detroit officer and an LAPD commander, into anti-police biased didn't work.

    Mayor De Blasio reminds me of Kwame Kilpatrick, once mayor of Detroit. A con artist with no interest but self-interest, and not particularly bright. Kilpatrick was a allegedly a lawyer, but no one will ever convince me he didn't have some doppelganger take the bar exam for him. He finally resigned once the felony indictments came in a serving 28 years in a federal pen...where he belongs. He tore an already damaged city further apart by his rhetoric and his corruption.