Saturday, October 18, 2014

Since we're on a Musical Roll here...

... and lewy brought up the Beach Boys: here is an interesting tidbit.

One of my favourite (Im in Canada, eh?) Beach Boys songs is this one:

That was recorded on, IIRC, April 30, 1965. Much has been made of Brian Wilson's inspiration from a certain group from the UK. Was there any particular inspiration for that song? Maybe a song that was riding high on the charts that month?

You bet:

If you listen to the two, you can certainly hear the influence. Funny how you can miss the obvious.


  1. I can hear a little bit of similarity but I'm not at all familiar with that Beach Boys song and it doesn't seem like their typical style.

    My favs are In My Room and Don't Worry Baby. I think they still sound fantastic even though Dennis and Carl are gone. Brian seems to be doing better. I may have posted this before but since I can't remember ;-), here is a super cover of I Get Around.

  2. One more Beach Boys vid and it'll be time for CrapMusic® again, I'm warning y'all...