Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Amazing Trees!

16 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World
Trees are an incredible part of nature, vital to our everyday survival. Trees dot city squares, suburban landscapes, and uninhabited forests all over the world. With some 400 billion trees on the planet, and over 23,000 different kinds of trees, it takes an extra special something to make a tree stand out. While you see trees everyday of your life, some trees are different, unique in such a way you can’t help but stare in awe. There are certain trees, be they tall, thick, full of bright colors, or simply one-of-a-kind, that capture the attention of all who pass by. And when finally photographed, the photos of these extra special trees go viral on the Internet. Say for example, the tree pictured above, which is one of the most stunning of its type. With brilliant pink blossoms, this tree is over 125 years old. This is known as the rhododendron tree. Although it is called a ‘tree’ it is actually a collection of very large shrubs. What makes this ‘tree’ so special? Most rhododendron trees look more like shrubs, but due to the age of this beauty, she’s had plenty of time to grow. There are many other breathtaking trees all over the world, here are 16 of the most magnificent.
144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan
Due to the massive size of this wisteria located in Japan, massive steel rods have been placed to help hoist up the sprawling vines bleeding brilliant shades of purple and pink. People come from all over the world to walk beneath the shade of this wisteria tree– which stretches an amazing 1,990 square feet.

Beautiful Japanese Maple In Lewyville, er...I mean Portland, Oregon

Blooming Cheery Trees in Bonn, Germany

Walking beneath these cheery trees can make your forget about the road noise, hustle-bustle and air pollution, if only until you reach the other side.

Antarctic Beech Draped In Hanging Moss In Oregon

Dragonblood Trees, Yemen

This tree gets its name from the red sap it produces. The Dragonblood tree also produces a small berry fruit that has 1-3 seeds, which are typically consumed by birds and other wildlife.

Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa

Rainbow Eucalyptus In Kauai, Hawaii

The rainbow eucalyptus is picky about its environment, but under the right conditions it grows into the most beautiful tree. The multi-colored bark highlights all of the colors of the rainbow.

Maple Tree Tunnel in Oregon

Not only are these maple trees magnificent, but they make up one of the most amazing tree tunnels you can walk beneath.

Giant Sequoia Tree in California

This giant sequoia tree is known as The President–it is the third largest of its type found all over the whole world! Can you imagine the view from up there?

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

These trees were originally installed back in the eighteenth century by the Stuart Family. They thought the trees would serve as a unique landscape feature to greet guests with. 200 years later and the trees still exist, intriguing many that come to see. If you watch Game of Thrones you might recognize these Dark Hedges, as they are the film location for the King’s Road.

Avenue Of Oaks At Dixie Plantation In South Carolina

Wind Swept Trees in New Zealand

The winds are so intense in this part of New Zealand that the trees are bent, twisted, and blown in all sorts of directions from the continuous force.

Flamboyant Tree, Brazil

Angel Oak in John’s Island South Carolina

Baobab Trees In Madagascar

Photo Credits: Reddit, , falcor88, Tom Schwabel, Adas Meliauskas, Drew Hopper, Csilla Zelko, Elizabeth Kendall, jwilsonnorton, Christopher Martin, Ian Sane, Michael Nichols, Christopher Tait, Stephen Emerson, Lee Sosby, confitalsurf, Salete T Silva
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  1. Some of them don't even look real! Of course, the wisteria in Japan is lighted and staked but I looked at several other pictures and it really looks like that!

    Remember you can click on the photo for full size or just go to the article at the Earth Porn link to see the originally-sized photographs.

  2. Fabulous post florrie, thank you. My soul needed that.

  3. Leave it to Florie to bring beauty to the table.

  4. Wow! Just wow! Thanks so much flo.

    The dragonblood and the Baobab trees just don't look like they're from Earth - they have a distinctly "off world" look.

    Pretty sure that maple tree in portland is at the Japanese Garden.

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, they made my evening :-)

    You're right, lewy, have you been there?

  6. Lewie has been out of this world?

  7. What fabulous incredible trees! Thank you florrie for these wonderful pictures. I agree with Lewy, some of those trees don't look like they're from this planet. They look like some film-set designer's wild idea of an alien planet.

    On the other hand the jacaranda trees look very familiar. I have them outside my front door! Some of the roads in Petach Tikva are lined with jacarandas, as well as palm trees and orange trees, and the street is carpeted with purple flowers at the end of the season.

    We also have something resembling the Brazilian Flamboyant tree, only not quite so, erm, flamboyant! LOL. The trees (in the park nearby) have the same red flowers only the branches and bunches of flowers aren't so big.

    But the tree that fascinated me most was the rainbow tree. How does the bark get those glorious colours?

  8. Stunning and breathtaking florrie! What a wonderful post...I keep staring at the bark of the Rainbow looks like a Disney creation! The Dark Hedges gave me goosebumps; they are eerie. I can't pick a favorite. The Japanese Maple is wondrous and jaw-dropping in it's beauty. Thank you so much!