Thursday, June 19, 2014

Viva La Raza!

The BBC reports:

Football's world governing body Fifa has started disciplinary proceedings against Mexico after claims of racism by their fans during their World Cup match against Cameroon last Friday. 
In a statement Fifa said the inquiry was launched after what they called improper conduct by Mexican fans. 
Fifa sources told the BBC they are also looking into alleged discrimination by fans from Brazil, Russia and Croatia.
The largest contingent of foreign nationals attending the World Cup this year are Americans.  The American national team played Ghana on Tuesday evening in front of thousands of Americans. Without incident, apparently.


  1. Must have been all those white Americans who crossed illegally into Mexico to live there, because we all know that only white Americans are racist. Real Mexicans would never behave that way.

  2. I doubt that Mexicans give two figs about racism. The ridiculous meter is pegging off the scale.