Saturday, November 3, 2012

Music for the lady red...

Change The World...

Clapton rocked mine back in the day.

And a sip of something brown and smokey:


  1. Thank you dear Fay! Clapton is perfect, and so is the hottie in the kilt. :)

    This election has everyone I know reaching for a roll of antacids and lying awake until all hours. It could be the most pivotal election in our nation's history. Only hindsight and perspective will shed light on its importance, but it sure feels like EVERYTHING is at stake.

    I was actually beginning to hope that Obama might be unceremoniously ousted until I read lewy's comment on Jourdan's doomsday post. Here in flyover-land, I'm confident that people are fed up with Obama. Lewy (and Jourdan) look at a larger stage; the two coasts, which unfortunately pack a wallop within our electoral college.

    Tuesday will be an all-nighter as we watch the returns come in. I hope that you productive and sane Canadians and Israelis will join us here as we pace the kitchen floor.

  2. The coasts may pack a wallop that is larger for its size, but flyover county is bigger. And Obama supporters do not really have the enthusiasm for Obama that it did in 2008. Read HillBuzz if you need your spirits lifted.