Friday, September 14, 2012

Steyn on Obama's Vegas Comments

Courtesy of the Daily Caller


  1. "Every American who’s watching, regardless if you’re Democrat or Republican, if you’re not embarrassed by the buffoon who’s serving as President of the United States after that performance last night, there’s something wrong with you.”


    1. I've been embarrassed by him ever since the election.

      Remember the 'shout-outs' given before acknowledging the Fort Hood murders?

      Remember the Gabby Giffords Memorial T-shirts?

  2. What, six weeks? I can't help but think that Obama is guaranteeing a Romney election -- at least I pray that Romney will be elected.

    I cannot believe how inept Obama is being. Or, should I say, I can believe how inept Obama is being; I can't believe that someone so inept actually got elected in the first place.

  3. Steyn captures my anger and disgust perfectly. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and Obama gaily skips through his non-stop campaigning as if he's on holiday.

    Noah and I are both beside ourselves with anger...the HOT kind of anger...over what transpired in Libya. Why didn't our ambassador have Marine protection? As Noah kept reiterating as he watched the newscasts with appalled incredulity: first in, first out. FIRST IN, FIRST OUT. This ambassador was thrown to the wolves by Obama. A sacrifice.

    My analysis of Obama's agenda? Print more money and throw it at the Muslim hordes, bow and scrape our subservience, and bring our nation down to an economic par with Shitlandistan. Why? Social justice. Destruction of the "oppressors" of "his" people. What an effing fraud he is!

    Americans are being butchered, and Obama appears strangely unmoved and unsympathetic. He's not sorry, and he's not angry.

    His handling of the Middle East is not a "foreign policy" position; it's a COUP.

    Thanks for posting this vid florrie. It's nice to know Steyn's as spitting mad as I am.

    1. Whoops. My post should read "First in, LAST out." That's what I get for posting when I'm irate.

  4. Oh, that was cathartic - we SHOULD be ragingly furious! Lady Red, I totally identify with the white-hot anger. I'm absolutely horrified, sickened and furious at the lows to which this administration has sunk, and I hadn't thought that I could be any more outraged. Well, I've plumbed new depths. Hillary Clinton is a disgrace, the Egyptian ambassador who wouldn't allow the Marine guards live ammo (granted, that's hearsay at the moment that TAH is trying to verify), and the response to the likely torture and murder of Ambassador Stevens is just abysmally shameful, feckless, nauseating... AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

    And what's on the docket today? Another campaign event!

    The White House is contacting Youtube about censoring a video clip while having the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff call a private citizen and completely ignoring the inconvenient date and al Qaeda flags being hoisted.

    I was just a little kid in 1979 and 1980. But I remember the Iranian embassy hostage situation. I remember sitting in the car with my dad while my mom was in voting as he told me who Reagan was and about how important that election was and why.

    That's what it feel like again, but instead of one or two countries, it's the whole mid-East in flames, and of course, the hottest in the countries which have most recently experienced the "Arab Spring" which anyone with any powers of observation could tell would end in disaster. Either our foreign policy is in complete denial of the realities of the Middle East, or it is deliberately treasonous (and the two are not mutually exclusive). Get all our people home, and stop all aid NOW to countries who threaten us or any other democracy in any way.

    1. I'll NEVER forget when this crap happened in ' first husband was on the runway with his duffel packed, the plane idling, waiting for word to GO GO GO. All of us on base were terrified.

      The base stood down as we got word of the botched rescue mission; the anger was impossible to contain.

    2. I think I need to walk away from the internet for a bit - go out and garden or something. After seeing an image of an al Qaeda flag flying over our Tunisia Embassy, I'm just about ready to explode.

      I was reading a military recruiter yesterday saying that after all this there ought to be lineups, but he's calling through High School seniors and expects to get the brush off from all of them. What was left unsaid is that our current feckless CiC and SoS combined with insane ROE in places where we are hated make that the only logical thing for a parent to do.

    3. Oh yes - and that tiny minority of misunderstanders of Islam (thanks, Mr. Spencer!) chanting "We are all Osama"... I figure the correct response is a shrug and "Well, OK then, if that's the way you want it" followed by large amounts of free-falling ordinance.

  5. Just remember, the Marines in Tehran did not have ammo, either.

  6. If Michelle Malkin Gave Obama One Of Her Balls, They’d Both Have Two - link... HT Instapundit

  7. You know, the American press is the envy of the world...

    ...because leaders like Putin and Hu and Ahmadinejad et al are envious of Obama, that he has a press which will wrap their lips around his c**k so thoroughly and so freely, whereas they have to beat, imprison, murder, pay off their press. Awesome.

    There is no magnitude of disaster sufficient to motivate the press to turn on Obama. Absolutely none. The degree of fealty is comparable to that of the state media of North Korea.

    This stuff matters. Check out Odds of Obama getting re-elected have increased substantially in each of the last 4 days. In what possible universe can that be true? But here we are.

  8. Well said, lewy, well said.

    Even so, he is going to lose.

    Did you hear the latest pandering spin from the media? That his statement to univision about Egypt not being an ally was designed to shake Egypt up and put the fear of, Allah in them. And just look how brilliantly it worked! It was no gaffe, he's just that wonderfully adept and so far ahead of the rest of us mere mortals when it comes to diplomacy!


  9. Question: When has Obama ever done anything, anything at all, that would lead to anything but what is happening today?

    I can only hope all the media reports and poll reports are like those for Scott Walker in his Wisconsin recall election, both in the run up to and on election night itself.

    Not one poll had him anything but "neck and neck"...when he was never ever neck and neck with Barrett. Not one MSM cable or broadcast network would call the election as a victory for Walker, announcing often it was "too close to call"... from poll closing to late late evening.

    Now if you were watching on various channels as I was, you watched the little ticker line scroll across the bottom of all the screens showing, from the very first precinct report to the last, that Walker never was less than 10% or so ahead of Barrett. That was "too close to call" or "neck and Neck," eh?

    The media and the pundits tried to virtually "will" a loss for Walker when not one shred of vote outcome evidence ever...repeat, ever, supported their commentary. I think they are trying to "will" an Obama victory now in the same manner.

    This is an effect related to peer acceptance and peer pressure...if you are TOLD often enough what your peers are thinking you will begin to believe the pundit without actually asking your peers.

    And THAT is the danger.

    1. Ari - unfortunately you are making the point that Intrade is more reliable than the polls.

      Walker's odds on Intrade never dipped below 50% and 3 or 4 weeks out never got below 80%.

      Intrade today puts Romney's odds around 1 in 3.

    2. Yes, I fear that may be the I said "THAT is the danger."

      However, Intrade is not equivalent to actual election vote counts. Intrade is a fancy bookie, no more no less. That doesn't raise my confidence in their predictions, but it does make me suspicious of them. Whose interest is most served by a given outcome seems to be the issue with all bookmaking propositions.

      The interests in Walker's recall is one thing, many of Walker's changes had benefited everyone in Wisconsin, both Dem & Republ, including Mayor Barrett....the pundits were serving only the Union interests and those of progressives outside Wisconsin. Nearly everyone already knew that...even teachers who didn't lose their jobs thanks to Walker.

      The interest in a POTUS election quite another thing. Intrade could very well be "selling" an Obama victory, just like the rest. If anyone adds up Obama's positives honestly, the sum is a negative. What criteria is Intrade using? It almost has to be public ignorance and ambivalence. There is no question that they must hype what they believe serves their interests....their odds create enough bets on a "favored" Obama to offset costs of a "long shot" Romney win.

      We won't know until 06 Nov 2012.

  10. When you consider that most of last week's polls were conducted at the DNC (/sac) it is no wonder that they show Obama doing as well as is.

    I know there are some stupid people out there but I can't help but think that the majority of people know what is going on and will vote accordingly.

    I know there are people out there who think that a woman's "Reproductive rights" are more important than innocent people being murdered and having the rights of Americans threatened in order to appease barbarians. (The head of the JCOS telling a private citizen what he should say?)

    If Obama does win re-election I would like to say I am glad I am in Canada. However, it would pave the way to another dark ages that will probably be much worse than the first.

    1. I have no use for General Dempsey or most any of his decisions of late. I have even less use for Terry Jones, who is a tool, interloper, attention seeker, and fodder for his enemies. I AM one of Pastor Jones enemies, I assure you, for different reasons.

      In summary, what Gen Dempsey has done with Jones is make him a focus ... exactly what both Jones and the fundamentalist violent Muslims want. Almost like Dempsey is reading their script. About what I'd expect from a senior flag rank clerk, more or less, with his two highest major commands prior to JCS being training & doctrine commands.

    2. I have no time for Jones, either -- but he is a private citizen. In the U.S. military commanders have no business telling a private citizen what he should do.

      But then again, this is not your father's U.S.

    3. RMM ... my point is that Dempsey has an agenda of his own, colluding with the administration, to excuse our enemies' crimes. His isn't even half careful about it.

      He really thinks he does have the right to direct others....he came out of TRADOC (Training & Doctrine Command)and feels quite righteous in his "instructions" to others, civilian or military. I assure you he pointed at Jones on purpose....for his own purposes, which aides the terrorists.

  11. Oh, I understand. Dempsey's agenda has nothing to do with protecting the United States of America and what it stands for.

    That description probably describes most people anywhere near Washington D.C. That is what is so saddening.

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    2. Sad...and scary.

      I've commented previously about how "Process" has taken precedence over "Product" or "Productivity" in the US government ranks, and Dempsey is a classic example.

      It is hard to explain how he can appear to not care about America, when I think he does care, but is horribly misguided about how to defend America. His policy is first and foremost CYA. He'd fight heavily armed savages with Eagle Scouts & sling shots. More correctly, he'd send YOU to do it...whilst he sits back in safety and conjures up some more rules and counter productive policy. It looks better, eh?

      That is the ONLY explanation for him addressing anything to Terry Jones....blame a scapegoat and deflect responsibility for consequences of prior bad decisions by government. He inherited a lot of the crap he tries to deal with foolishly, and creates more of his own.

      Nation building doesn't work, unless while doing it you have supreme power over everything...every damn thing....none of this fighting a war while simultaneously letting a local national government run amok. There is a reason Gen Douglas MacArthur has been called an "American Caesar."

      Bad decisions include ridiculous rules of engagement for example, like US Marines, or even mercenary guards, with no ammunition. He and his kind think they can fight for peace by molly coddling their enemies, who immediately disrespect them and attack weakness. He and his kind authorize policy that requires US Marines, in a combat zone, stack their arms while a SECDEF is present.

      It really is a Mobius loop of fecklessness over time. It has been going on at least since the end of WWII, when weary of war, we went home with many things left unfinished. The piper has arrived for his pay.