Sunday, August 26, 2012

What If Everyone's Wrong?

A short little piece, from Bill Kristol in The Weekly Standard, about I think (and hope and pray) might happen during the rest of this campaign.

But, perhaps I am just being stupid.


  1. I do not like the fact that so much is made of public opinion polls in the news. All they do is ask the public if they have been listening to what the MSM has been spewing.

    I would like to think that Obama will be trounced in November. I hope I am right.

  2. RMatt .... every time I hear of another close poll I am reminded of the Wisconsin-Recall election night coverage by all of the MSM, including Fox, that refused to call the Wisconsin recall election for Governor Walker....even though Walker lead by approximately 10% from beginning to end. It took the MSM 3+ hours to decide that +10% wasn't "too close to call" anymore. Virtually all pre-election polls in Wisconsin alleged the vote would be close.

    But it wasn't.

  3. Maybe I AM stupid. I did not see this as just another reading of polls.

    I saw it as Someone, other than me, who saw the Ryan choice as an actual game-changer.

    I have been telling people, since the announcement of Ryan, that we were finally going to have a campaign based on ideas, and the comparison between America as it was (and should be) and America as it is envisioned by the left.

  4. Well said, Dances, well said.

    Is everyone watching the convention? I'm love all of it, I can't wait to hear Ann Romney and Chris Christie. And I was so glad that Newt is going to speak on Wednesday evening, he's such a great addition, I was hoping that happened since a couple govs dropped out due to Isaac. Newt pwned Chris Matthews yesterday, lol, it wasn't a fair fight :-)

  5. I know polls are needed. It bothers me when polls BECOME the news story. There is a radio news station in Vancouver that has a call-in poll (which already brings its accuracy into question) then spends 20 minutes talking about what the results of the poll are.

    I think the best polls for candidates to use have the results kept to the campaigns and not shouted from the nearest mountaintop . Maybe not as a secret, but not shouting the results. When polls become the news story they tend to be geared to giving favorable results to whomever is paying for the poll -- not to provide meaningful information to anybody.

  6. Political polls are like hurricanes...lots of media hype and drama, but no one can know which direction things will REALLY go.

    DWT, I too believe that Ryan is a game-changer. A HUGE game-changer! I'm lukewarm on Mitt, but very enthusiastic about Ryan. I can now visualize not only the next eight years, but the next sixteen!

    Dare I dream such a thing?