Friday, July 13, 2012

Questions Of The Day

What do you think about a Romney/Rice ticket?

What in the world is going on with the stock market? Please explain. I'm perplexed...why does it keep rebounding?

And the major question of the day: will the Canucks win the Stanley Cup?  First match: October 11 against the Flames.


  1. 1. I know Mark Levin is not happy with the thought of Rice as VP. Personally, I think she may not be the most conservative person in the world but she is not a RINO, either. She may find that she would have to operate as a conservative because the Dems won't let her operate as a RINO. She certainly is intelligent, I don't think she would be a bad choice. I would prefer Allen West, though.

    2. The old adage is "Buy low, sell high." The stock market certain has gotten low at times, providing opportunities to buy low. While the common person may not have the funds with which to buy low, there are still Mutual Funds that may "park money" when they market goes down, then put the money back in when marker goes up -- helping the market go up even further.

    3. Yes. When that happens I will buy a luxury box at Rogers Arena and fly everyone from the Table in for games the following season -- as I expect to win Lotto about the same time that the Canucks win the Stanley.

  2. Update, apparently Rice say no way will she be Romney's running mate.

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  4. Rice as VP? Meh.

    Why do political watchers always want to drag prior administration(s) wonks in to the current picture? Good grief, Bush had Cheney and Rumsfeld, both from the Nixon era, and Rice from Bush 41's era. Is there no one in Washington that is not a re-tread?

    If there isn't a relatively new qualified conservative candidate, we're screwed. No one from the Bush administration .... the Democrats would dearly love that, since everything is the fault of them, you know. True or not, no matter ...they'd dance like happy gypsies if Rice or any other re-tread is nominated.

  5. + I'm a neo-con and a RINO by "social conservative" standards, so yeah, I'm going to like Condi.

    - I'm also libertarian leaning and not sure if Condi is down with the whole small government thing.

    - don't think it's wise for the Romney campaign to sign up to re-fight the whole Iraq go-to-war argument (which would happen if she were selected for VP)

    + would totally expose Obama for the poseur he is.

    So it's mixed.

    I think Romney's just throwing it out there because it's a good story and it's getting people talking. I don' think she'd accept - she said she's not interested and I believe her. If she changed her mind, it might be because she believes beating Obama is that important and she believes she can help.

    As for the stock market - there is a persistent "bid" because bonds are in such a bubble, and there is relative value. Bonds are in a bubble because so many sovereign bonds are impaired and there is demand from pension accounts, insurance companies, and banks needing "money good" assets.

    Too much money created at zero interest rate; it has to find a "home" somewhere... if bonds are yielding crazy-low, then stocks look good in comparison (fancy name is "capital structure arbitrage").

    1. Not sure how to "classify" my politics ... definitely not a RINO (In Michigan a RINO and a left wing Democrat are usually the same thing), potentially a lot Libertarian (except for the ultra naive head-in-the-sand wing), still socially liberal on many topics, and downright hostile right wing on things military.

      I'm in the beginning chapters of Condi Rice's book, which I bought hard cover, because she had a major impact on a fairly extensive piece of history of the USA. Nothing I know of her so far would make me want her to be VP. Her machinations vis a vis the Middle East especially have turned out difficult to swallow.

      I do not believe Condi could expose Obama as anything. But I'm willing to listen on that topic.

    2. I should repeat ... I am not in favor of A-N-Y "retread" from a prior administration, left, right, Lilliputian, whatever, as VP , or for that matter, as cabinet secretary either. There just must be some qualified people around who have not been on the federal teat for decades.

      I. Want. A. Frigging. Clean. Sweep. And I am unanimous in that. :D