Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Billion Down The Crapper

This time the wealth distribution goes UP to the ruling class from the middle class.

"The Obama administration unveiled plans Wednesday to create an elite corps of master teachers, a $1 billion effort to boost U.S. students' achievement in science, technology, engineering and math.

The program to reward high-performing teachers with salary stipends is part of a long-term effort by President Barack Obama to encourage education in high-demand areas that hold the key to future economic growth — and to close the achievement gap between American students and their international peers.
Teachers selected for the Master Teacher Corps will be paid an additional $20,000 a year and must commit to participate multiple years. The goal is to create a multiplier effect in which expert educators share their knowledge and skills with other teachers, improving the quality of education for all students."

Wow, and extra twenty grand to members of an incompetent and failed trade? Awesome. Something tells me most rank-and-file teachers won't be too impressed with this vote-buying gimmick. They'll know that the money will not be awarded to the brightest and the best, but rather to the politically-connected and "minorities", regardless of ability.

I enjoyed reading the comments on this article. I'm seeing a backlash to the Obama regime's stupidity; it's about time.

Here's a linky to the article at HuffPo.


  1. I thought the unions did not like measuring teacher performance.

  2. Ah, yes ... and at what point in time will these "Master Teachers" be re-named "Commissars?"

    The article mentions the funding being in the 2013 Executive Budget ...which is non-existent because it was voted down in Congress. Obama doesn't need a budget to spend this money, since it can arguably be considered part of the 95% of expenditures allowable versus prior years budgets, under Continuing Resolutions ... meaning 2009 for all extents and purposes. Obama can deem and direct at will now, Treasury gets the money, through taxes or borrowing, and the Executive Branch can spend as it sees fit ... Congress is no longer its own hand on the emasculating knife.