Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Note to the UN and to the IOC


  1. The IOC is disgusting. They are corrupt, ridiculous, and far below what the dedicated athletes competing deserve, not to mention they make the world a worse place using games that are supposed to bring the world together.

    They are evil, vile, duplicitous, nasty pieces of work full of self-importance and fat-assery.

    They disgust me so fully I have no real words for it.

  2. ^^^What GotS said^^^

    Bob Costas, one the announcers for NBC's coverage, says "screw the IOC". Well done Mr. Costas!

  3. I looked up the IOC members last night and now their behavior makes perfect sense.

  4. Perfect picture! I want to LOL and cry at the same time. I blogged about the IOC today myself. I wish I could reach through the screen and strangle the IOC personally.

  5. I've been reading Andrew Jenning's reporting on the IOC. It's disgusting. Their antisemitism is only one facet of their corruption. There is nothing redeeming there - nothing.

    Jennings has a PDF on his site that can be downloaded that gives a rundown of all the active IOC members - it's free. And it is fascinating and horrifying at the same time. I don't know how this is allowed to continue, seeing as how Olympic athletes are held to a very strict standard that the IOC doesn't even make a pretense of following.

  6. Your graphic is perfect for the UN and IOC, Fay!

    Well said!