Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Must Go To Mars

Do theses titles mean as much to you as they do to me?

Something Wicked This Way Comes.

The Illustrated Man

Dandelion Wine

The October Country

The Golden Apples Of The Sun

The Martian Chronicles

Fahrenheit 451

Hundreds of wonderful short stories.

Ethereal writing, evocative of  dark pools under the trees on the forest path, ahead, and of dark pools inside the human heart.

And stories of the bright light of the universe, as well as the brightness that shares the human heart.

Scudding clouds across a moon the seems somehow wrong and twisted little men, with grand dreams.

Anyway, I heard on the radio on my drive home this evening that Ray Bradbury has died.

He hoped to be buried on Mars.

I hope he can be, as well.


  1. Sad news - I did not read much Bradbury (I guess I was an Asimov / Larry Niven kid) but I did read Fahrenheit 451.

    Just did a little research on the Martian Chronicles - also sad how they had to be set further in the future when they were re-issued - here in 2012 we're way into the original timeline. No Mars rockets yet. :(

    (Saw a wickedly irreverent link on Bradbury but didn't want to put it in the first comment on the thread. Go to Instapundit and scroll down. Watch the vid, and laugh; the future as we knew it is over...)

  2. I loved reading Ray Bradbury's books and short stories when I was a teenager. I was a huge sci-fi fan then, and still enjoy a well-written book in this genre.

    I'm sad at his passing. I too hope he will, one day, be buried on Mars.