Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holder Found in Contempt

Eric Holder, the Law Breaker General of the United States, was found in contempt of Congress. Maybe now we can start getting bringing law and justice back to the Federal Government. UPDATE: The House voted to hire counsel to take case to court.


  1. More evidence of my view. Faced with a negative development, the Congressional Black Caucus acted on racial lines to support Holder for purely racial reasons.

    The similarly racial Latino caucus followed suit, as did the Asian-pacific caucus.

    Thus, the vote came with a great number of Reps absent. Thus denying its impact.

    Time and time again, the Dems play race, and play hardball.

    And the Republicans?

    They get knocked around as the "white" party, but have they EVER simply walked out of anything outrageous in protest?

    Why not?

    Wake up, mainstream conservatives. This is not the country you thought it was anymore and you are playing by an outdated rule book!

  2. The Dems would have still lost the vote even if the crybabies didn't walk out. It would have been much closer.

    People are watching this stuff now. They are not fooling people the way they used to fool them.

  3. Saw a comment over at Michelle Malkin's that about sums it up. "We are all racists now." I'm really hoping that the Race card has finally been maxed out, and ordinary people are no longer cowed by such accusations.

    I think ordinary conservatives are waking up, but they don't want to play by the new rules - they find them reprehensible. Whether or not the country can be salvaged depends on how quickly a less offensive but still effective counterpoint strategy can be found...

  4. Conservatives have always tried to use the less offensive strategy. Look where it got us. There comes a time where we have to stand and say, "No more."

    I saw Eleanor Holmes Norton today. SHe was either lying through her teeth or is completely clueless as to what has happened. She was telling how F&F was started under Bush and Holder pretty much ended it. How do we fight that without being "offensive?" Anything we do will be "offensive."

    Look at how Obama has kowtowed to the Muslim countries in the middle east. Look at what they think of them. The left will condemn conservatives no matter what they do, so they should quit worrying about it. When Republicans go along with Democrats on something, Democrats use it to blame it on Republicans when it goes of the rails.

  5. Matt, I think it goes along with the way I feel about torture (not that I think that what we have in the past condoned, including water boarding, is actually torture, but that's another discussion for another day)... I don't necessarily dislike it because it messes up the other guy, but because of the toll it takes on our guys.

    It's a given that someone will be offended - I'm not really talking about that. But I don't want us to buy into the victim/vilifying that is the hallmark of the new rules. We need thinkers who will stand up and make their case in a strong, clear way, not giving an inch. We need communicators who have the skill to phrase thoughtful arguments in the sound bytes that are all most people pay attention to anymore. We need strategists who understand the way the current biased information stream works and will make ways to get around it.

    I hope we'll find our way before it's too late.

  6. I think we have had guys who have stood up. But who, in the past, has covered them? How many fraudulent edits has the NBC family of "journalists" committed this year?

    Did you see what the left has tweeted today about Sarah Palin after her comments? How does Hollywood portray Christians? If there is a businessman in a movie, you know he is the bad guy.

    Standing up and be heard is a nice idea, but the other side has to be willing to actually listen to what you have to say and to think about it.

    I am not suggesting that conservatives go out of their way to be nasty. However, I also do not think that conservatives should be so quick as to "reach across the aisle," either. Look where we are now, a Constitutional abomination is allowed to stand because it is a "tax," but we really cannot fight it because it is not a tax. We have an Attorney General who is directly responsible for the deaths of a couple hundred people, but we are racist for trying to hold him accountable.

    How many people must die before it is acceptable to take a firm stand without making apologies?

  7. ...the other side has to be willing to actually listen to what you have to say and to think about it.

    Not trying to be too pessimistic, but I think the polarized left is a lost cause - as is reaching across the aisle (tweets about Palin are a case in point). The question is how we reach and convince the mostly un-involved middle so that they become aware of what has been lost and what can be done to regain it. What are the facts of F & F, and why does it matter? Why IS America exceptional? What is it about our Constitution that has allowed us so much freedom and stability?

    The alternative is to believe that the majority of the country is so lazy and disinterested that anybody else doing something for them is a good thing, so indoctrinated that they believe everything the CBC/MSM says and so morally bankrupt that they don't see anything wrong with the current cesspool in DC. That may be true, but I certainly hope not...

    And yes, the apologizing Has.To.Stop.

  8. I try to be optimistic. You do have to consider, though, that the right has (and is) portrayed as evil. Anything conservatives do short of apologizing is said to be extreme. Much of what is said about the right is lies. We cannot judge the right based upon lies from the left. If you take away the lies from the left I think you will find that things that the right does are not really offensive.

    We need to take back education. We need to teach why America is exceptional. We need to teach the rule of law. If these things were being done correctly then these questions would not even be asked.

    We just cannot worry about what the left thinks. John McCain was the greatest thing since sliced bread -- until he won the Republican. He won the Republican nomination because the elites of the party thought "they" would like us if we did. They were wrong.

  9. Hmm, I see that coverage and comments from Jourdan's 'Good Week' thread have essentialy moved here.

    Nonetheless, I will leave my reply to Fay's question where it is.

  10. Watching the dems run away from the Holder vote sickened me. Skittering cockroaches, the lot of them.

    1. Me too!!! I thought it was cowardly when they did it in Wisconsin, but to see that infection at the Federal level... What with the name calling and breath-holding temper tantrums, House and Senate have become embarrassingly childish. I think I'd actually prefer to see duals challenged and accepted! But then again, with Obama setting the tone, what else can we expect?

  11. Well, well... what shock. The Justice Department won't prosecute Holder.

    "In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, the department said that it will not bring the congressional contempt citation against Holder to a federal grand jury and that it will take no other action to prosecute the attorney general. Dated Thursday, the letter was released Friday."

    Linky here

    1. If I am not mistaken, that is why the House had a follow-up resolution yesterday to hire counsel so they can proceed without the (In)Justice Department.

  12. Of course the JD won't prosecute Holder. He's in a "protected" class.

    I hope the incompetent SOB is arrested by the House Sergeant at Arms, but of course that's just a pipe dream. Welcome to the "new" America, my fellow old fogies.