Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Friedman

As happens with many feel-good proposals, Milton Friedman explains why “equal pay for equal work” laws actually hurt those who are supposed to be helped.


  1. It is timely that this video came up this week. This week on FaceBook, someone posted a link about how all of the Republican Senators voted against equal pay for equal work.

    As I refrain from political discussions on FaceBook, I did not say anything, but I could not help but think of all the Democrat Senators who berate Republicans for being against such laws while those same Democratic Senators pay their women employees much less than they pay men. In other words, it's the usual Democratic standard of "I'm too important to abide by those laws that I demand you have to obey."

  2. Wow, that just makes so much sense yet I'd never thought of it in those terms.

    Another good, informative video of Friedman, TY Matt.