Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Bubble Is Us

Mark Steyn again - need I say more?

Why is it that someone with such a dark view of the future, so resonates with my beliefs?


  1. Steyn articulates what we feel. In a way that we could only dream of.

    He never offers solutions, he just is.

  2. Re: your question. Two possibilities. One: you're a realist. Two: you're a pessimist. Not mutually exclusive.

  3. I love Mark Steyn's clarity and with. He can tell us the most depressing news but leave us with a smile on our face.

  4. In the world after Western prosperity, we will work till we’re older and we will start younger — and we will despise those who thought they could defy not just the rules of economic gravity but the basic human life cycle.

    Yes. That's it. Exactly.

    Many people are "retiring" in their fifties. It's beyond crazy. The overall life expectancy in the US is 78, and many folks are living well into their nineties.

    And kids working? Hey, that's child abuse!

    We're down the rabbit hole.

  5. I made the error of e-sleuthing those three Eurovision songs referenced by Steyn.

    Is it possible to pour molten lead in one's own ears? Yurp is toast...