Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So long, Doc Watson

Your music has brought so much joy to so many.
"He did his best to carry the old mountain sounds to this generation.” ... Ricky Skaggs


  1. This is the music I grew up with, listening to the crusty old codgers on this front porch or that back yard, my ear plastered to a guitar or a mandolin. The old ones had a Celtic lilt to their voices, and angels on their fingertips. It was mesmerizing.

    You'll be missed Doc.

    1. I wasn't familiar with the man or his music, lady red, but I really enjoyed the links you posted.

    2. Florrie, I'm so glad you liked Doc's music! I think you'll enjoy aridog's links too. :)

  2. Mountain music, bluegrass, folk song, just country overall has a great deal of Celtic heritage.

    A taste of where it all began and a bit of what's become of it.

    I used a Dervish/Cathy Jordan piece of Irish traditional to start because I was reminded of Dervish recently on "Anne's Opinions", plus her lilting voice that I've admired with the Dervish group, and later used Ricky Skaggs just because ... just because he's playing with The Chieftans at the Grand Old Opry. I'll close with another folk piece along the lines of Ricky Skaggs, but it's Red Haired Mary ... :D

    The Irish and Scotch heritage in American Country music is undeniable. Once you actually "feel" it you can't ever again not.

  3. Aridog, your links are fabulous! I enjoyed them very much!

    Cathy Jordan is wonderful; I could listen to her sing all day. "Get Along Home" is one of the old folk songs I grew up with, and (when I was a young, spritely lass) we'd dance the night away to "Cotton Eyed Joe". The dancers in the Skaggs vid are amazing!

    The Dervish video is great too. Thanks so much! You're right about this kind of music; it touches something ancestral in one's blood. I can close my eyes and step into another time and place, and I was there too. Hard to explain, really.

    I've often wondered if music memory can be encoded in our DNA and passed from one generation to the next.