Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Intersection Of Agony And Technology

For Memorial Day.

Even The New York Times gets things right, sometimes.

And another image.  Less technology, but the agony is the same.

And from Blackfive.  The real Taking Chance.

"From Dover to Philadelphia; Philadelphia to Minneapolis; Minneapolis to Billings; Billings to Riverton; and Riverton to Dubois we had been together. Now, as I watched them carry him the final 15 yards, I was choking up. I felt that, as long as he was still moving, he was somehow still alive.

Then they put him down above his grave. He had stopped moving."


  1. Memorial Day should be solemn and reflective. We owe so much to these men and women.

    Thank you DWT.

  2. I remember my parents talking years ago about officers and sergeants who had been in my father's battalion at Ft. Lewis. I recognized some of the names. "He's dead." "He's dead."

    A colonel we knew in Germany had been seriously wounded when his helicopter was shot down.

    My son and I had see the film "We Were Soldiers" in the theater. There are two sides of the film: what the soldiers go through and what their families go through. I was especially shaken by the family side of the film -- it was eerily familiar.

    Memorial Day and Veterans' Day are both very hard days, as well they should be.

  3. Yes, the NYT got it right. I'm glad you posted this to commemorate the day, Dances. The photo in the second link put tears in my eyes.