Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm Spartacus!!

A wonderfully written piece from a thoughtful Briton.

About just who, and and what,  is missing from the current GOP wannabee's.


  1. DWT, this is an excellent piece. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    I'm so glad that the author (and others) see Palin the way I see her! Usually, all I hear is petty, tween-caliber bashing from insecure little toads (on the left AND the right). This article was refreshing beyond words.

  2. Lady Red, I remember last campaign, when the Dem side had 'Hillary and the seven dwarfs'.

    Despite my fervent belief that Hillary IS a moral and intellectual dwarf, herself, I know how the Dem 'Cougars' felt when Barry actually stole the nomination through illegal machinations ignored (Hell, carefully covered) by the supposed watchdog media.

    All the while they were burying their noses in Barry's backside, they were putting out the most egregious lies about the opposing ticket.

    Sarah Palin was the one most tarred by that vilely lying brush. Too many of the American public accepted those lies as gospel truth.

    Too many still do.

    While completely refusing to read what she writes or listen to what she says, they parrot every idiocy invented by the supposedly honest and even-handed media.

    So, instead of a candidate who stands head and shoulders, in honesty, intelligence and patriotism above that fool in the White House, we get our own right-wing dwarfs, whose ONLY claim to fame is 'electability'.

    And in that we lose the ONLY candidate I would work for, and campaign for.

    All that being said, I will still vote for ANYONE, including a ham sandwich or a roadkilled skunk over that slimy, sleazy, somnolent, subnormal sonofabitch who currently defiles the highest office in the land.

  3. lady red and DWT, please put Palin to rest. I love her, and most of her views, but if you think a Conservative woman will be the first Female VP then you're blind. (No offense meant, but the first female POTUS or VP will be a Democrat, no stopping it) Sad, but true.

  4. And here my choices in the primary are nutter-buddy and mittens.

    I think I'll stay home during the primary.

  5. This article goes to show why I have said many times that we must not let the media, or anyone else, define who the Republic candidate should be based on the fact that a certain person is "unelectable." I do not necessarily buy that the first woman VP or President will be a Democrat. I think that the Republican Party has strong women who are up to the job. If the first woman President is a Democrat, all we will have is a female Obama -- a worthless piece of work who is elected for no other reason than the fact that she fill an affirmative-action quota. If the first Woman President is a Republican, we will have a strong, principled leader.

    I have have to disagree that the first woman President or Veep could very well be a Republican. She will not be the candidate of the RINOs in Washington, but she will be the candidate of the people. Which, again, is why I say we can not let the media or the elite tell us who is "unelectable."

  6. RWC, I respectfully disagree with you, and I have no intention of putting Palin to rest. Of all the politicians in the national spotlight, she most closely represents my views and my cultural background, and I'm entitled to be represented.

    Gringrich is considering her for the VP slot if he garners the GOP nomination. If she accepts, and they win, the country will have the opportunity to see for themselves what Palin is all about. This could lead to a Palin presidency in the future. Who knows?

    One thing is for sure: the media will not choose who I support. I will.

    Are there any females on the dem sidelines who aren't shrill, progressive nuts? Hillary may have the clout to depose King JEM in the primaries, but does she have what it takes to woo independents and conservatives, and inherit TOTUS? She looks weary to me; I'm not sure she'll even try to dethrone Obama.

  7. RWC, instead of staying home, consider this strategy if your state allows: register as an independent, ask for a democratic ballot in the primaries, and vote for anyone running against Obama. Maybe we can topple the smug elitist jerk in the primaries, or at least cripple him politically.

  8. Matt and lady red,

    Do the republicans have stronger women to put up, absolutely. But they will be savaged by the media and establishment repubs. Are the American people smart enough to see through it, sadly I think not.

    Lady red, open primaries where I am But like I said, I get to choose between mitt and Paul. And I will not help the Paul camp. Is there another party even running against Obama?

  9. Any woman, any black, any anybody will be savaged by the media. That is why we cannot let the media define who is "unelectable."

    The only pre-convention candidates who will not be savaged are the RINOs, but once a RINO is nominated, he/she will also be savaged.

    Too many people say that, for example, Sarah Pailn can not be elected because of what is said about her. We need to start looking at being savaged by the media as a strong endorsement.

  10. We need to start looking at being savaged by the media as a strong endorsement.


  11. I saw in the NYT (there is always a copy in the lobby of my building - I don't buy the paper) a long hagiography on Mitt Romney's career recently - I think it was last week. Made him seem pretty awesome.

    Once he's the nominee, there will be the five part investigative series - "questions are now being asked about the Republican nominees controversial past" kinda stuff. Depend on it.

  12. "a long hagiography on Mitt Romney's career recently"

    I had to look that up... I'm pleasantly surprised that it has nothing to do with sheep stomach. After the nomination, however, it most certainly will.

    But you already know that.