Monday, December 5, 2011

Dr. Bill Wattenburg gone from KGO

I don't know how many here are radio listeners but in the McNally household late Saturday and Sunday nights are time we spend with Dr. Bill Wattenburg. He was a fixture on KGO with his "Open Line to the West Coast". Occasionally he had a substitute so we didn't pay much attention last night but when he was gone tonight as well we did some digging and found that KGO fired most of their talent to go to a mainly news format (although Dr. Bill's slot this weekend was still "talk" and not news). He was a fixture there for 25 years!

He is a man who has led a most fascinating life full of varied interests and accomplishments. He's amazing! I think he's one of the most intelligent people I've ever listened to, he's got a surplus of common sense and I like his curmudgeonly nature. Whether you wanted to talk about nuclear science, ecology, politics, logging, automobiles, mining, wildlife name it, he could answer your question.

I sincerely hope some station snaps him up right away, we need voices like his now more than ever. Bad move, KGO.


  1. "varied interests and accomplishments"

    He is a former nuclear weapons designer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; a former member of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board; and a former UC Berkeley professor of electrical engineering.

    Wow! I'll say! Folks with that kind of resume really put things into perspective for the rest of us:


  2. His viewpoints will be missed! Hope some other station quickly snaps him up!

  3. Lewy, LOL!

    I'm not familiar with him florrie. Maybe now that he's not tied to KGO, he'll be free to be simulcast on more stations, and I'll be able to enjoy him too.

    Sorry you're blue. :(

  4. He was snapped up by KSCO 1080 & Talk Radio Network. Good Work Dr Bill!

  5. Thanks for the update, henningbjerre!