Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Music

Pavarotti in his prime.


  1. I loved Luciano. This was a beautiful video, do you know where it was recorded? Thank you so much for posting it, Fay. After listening, I had to go find Nessun Dorma on youtube. It never fails to move me.

    Here it is for his other fans on TCKT

  2. Now I'll go listen to both of them again ;-)

  3. Not to go on and on but...he was such an amazing talent, I think he was the greatest tenor that ever lived.

    Consider that the last minute+ of Fay's video is all applause.

  4. I believe it was recorded in Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal.

    My first trip ever to Seattle was to see Pavarotti in concert in 1985. I am blessed to have had that opportunity. He was a real diva on stage with numerous dramatic entrances and exits, the conductor fawning at every one, and the large white hankie ever present to wipe his brow!

  5. Oh Fay, you are so lucky to have seen him! How I wish I had done the same. But I'm grateful that his performances were recorded and many so easy to access on youtube.