Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cain Passes Voice Lie Detector Test

Bialek Fails.


  1. I have no doubt that the accusations against Cain are of a carefully calculated and directed effort. OTOH I've never given much credence toward any sort of lie detector 'test'. Too many variables involved in my opinion, for there ever to be a true 'positive' result. Yes, I read the article.

    JEM will be reelected. Our only and best hope, I think, is to take the Senate by at least one vote and to build a larger majority in Congress.

    Alternate media is still far behind the well orchestrated onslaught of MSM, academic bullshit that the average person sees on a daily basis. That will change over time, but not yet.

    Sorry to digress, Dances.

  2. There is a reason lie detector tests are not admissible in court. While this may be interesting, I don't know if it is of much use.

    While I back Cain in the absence of any real evidence, let me be the devil's advocate: It could be possible that he saw nothing wrong with his actions and therefore it didn't register as a lie when he talked about it. On the other hand, Bialek may have been so traumatized by the experience that it caused the negative reaction.

    That being said, I personally don't think there is anything to the story and it only came up because the "Oreo" label didn't harm Cain any.

  3. The candidates aren't candidates, They are an amalgam of what their advisors think they should be.

    Truth be, I'm not 'backing' anyone. Unless and perhaps it be one of the commenter's here, then I'd be enthusiastic. Otherwise it is a tired field in my mind. It is too late, by about fifty years, for a truly different challenger to have a chance.

  4. I am beginning to think that maybe Gingrich is in the "What the hell, what do I have to lose" mode. Check out the video of him during the debate last night. It was brilliant. His "debate" with Cain last week was brilliant. It is almost as if he is saying "They don't think I have a chance anyway so why should I play their game?"

    I remember being at a party in the mid '90's. I overheard some people say that the news media was really hammering on Gingrich. That person then added, "As well they should." I couldn't help but wonder, "You agree that the news media is harsh on Gingrich, but you feel they should be -- based upon information you get from the news media you admit is hammering Gingrich." The paradox astounded me.

  5. I'm 100% with Luther and Matt.

    Remember this?


    We could start a meme - the phrase "Fuck it. Gingrich!" has about zero results in a google search.

    I can't think of a catchier way to signal disappointment with the Republican field.

  6. lewy, you're so cynical!

    Or maybe I'm just an eternal optimist.

  7. The thing that would disappoint me with a Republican candidate is to have one thrown down our throats because he is a good old boy and we owe him the nominations (McCain, Dole), or because the MSM says he is the most electable.

    Just because the favored Democratic Candidate has the PR firm of ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN behind him is the only reason he appears so "perfect" to his constituency. Any warts a Republican candidate may have are constantly exposed for all to see.

    I have warts. You have warts. Everyone has warts. Why do we expect our Republican candidate not to have any?

  8. I have warts. You have warts. Everyone has warts. Why do we expect our Republican candidate not to have any?

    Hear, hear!

    I'm not pleased with any of the offerings. But I think we're asking too much of candidates - to be perfect paragons of morality (and yes, I know I've gone through the looking glass when I'm seeing it as a ethics point in Gingrich's favor that he actually married the women with whom he had affairs). And then we expect them to be perfect elocutionists, seasoned orators, masters of hostile media, knowledgeable about everything and set in their opinions so that they've never had to walk something back. We expect them to have perfect judgement (at least on issues that matter to us), never have to rescind a decision made and make perfect choices for advisers.

    Yes, there are certainly issues on which candidates differ. But it's devolved into "gotcha" moments, sound bites and character assassination, so there's a huge amount of muck to wade through. It seems many are making the perfect the enemy of the good forgetting that the ONLY thing that matters right now is ensuring that a second term is not given to the current president.

  9. flo, we cynics prefer the term "Realist"... ;)


    FWIW - what I find disappointing about the Republican candidates is not what the media find disappointing.

    Perry had a brainfart - so what. His immigration stance is a non-starter. He comes by that stance honestly - Texas was once a sovereign nation and people with Mexican ancestry fought on the side of Texas at the Alamo (IIRC - it's been a while). "Mexican" means something a bit different in Texas than it does say in Hillsboro Oregon. So I'll forgive Perry for his sentiment - but not his policy. Especially if he means to govern the whole country.

    Cain? WTFK what he did. What bothers me is that with respect to financial policy he is not Tea Party, he really seems good-old-boy establishment Republican. He said Alan Greenspan was a good Fed Chairman. There is a guy who could disabuse him of that notion. His name is Alan Greenspan (who has been a sharp and self reflective critic of his own performance in that office). IMHO Cain doesn't have a clue and will continue the Bush/Obama policies towards Wall St which have served us so very well. #facepalm.

    Romney? That he's a Mormon bothers me not in the least. All the LDS folks I know are stand-up people, and I've known quite a few. What bothers me? What (aside from the LDS thing) doesn't? Pfft. Romney. Total establishment insider. Bush/Obama/Romney - aside from the media noise, who would really notice who's in the white house?

    Gingrich seems pretty selfless in all of this. His campaign staff quit because he has no chance - but that's not why he's running. He's really in the game as a mentor, a gadly, trying to nudge the field toward relevance and away from self destruction and getting played.

    Vote Tea Party candidates in Congress. #Occupy the Rotunda.

  10. lewy, looks like your mayor has had enough with the eejits "occupying" Portland.