Friday, October 21, 2011

Seattle's Phoenix Jones

Superhero or Annoying Pest? You be the judge...


  1. Don't get involved. Call 911. Maybe the police take will take time away from citing people for seatbelt violations to actually do something.

    And if they get there too late, well, the courts say the police don't owe you protection anyway.

  2. Matt, don't you know that future crime is the fault of obstructionist Republicans because they won't pass Stimulus 3 (or is it 4?)

    Joe Bite Me says it's so.

  3. Two words keep coming to me: Second and Amendment.

  4. I've lived downtown for a while now and I like to walk around at night. Which means I've run across some drama from time to time.

    I've taken very careful note of several situations which have cause me to hang back, casually retrieve the smartphone, and get ready to record / dial. (And if I had a CC permit, I would... not be talking about it). I'm thinking of maybe five or six situations in the last several months.

    Not one rose to the level of intervention.

    Example 1: several messed up young men in a gaggle on a side street. Two are fighting. Young woman screaming her lungs out.

    Conclusion: fighting was pretty consensual and not "to the death" kind of intensity. Boys being boys. Young woman was screaming out of anger, not fear - trying to get her friends to knock it off. After several minutes the situation resolved. Went on my way.

    Another incident - more subtle - large, filthy dude, obvious schizo, off his meds, aggressively waltzing down the street, talking and swearing at me and several other (invisible) people on the street... stops to pet a dog. Which belongs to a young couple... one of whom is in a wheelchair.

    OK, this could obviously go very bad.

    The crazy dude had traveled a couple blocks since he passed me - I'd kept an eye on him because I knew that couple was there. The couple wisely just kept cool and bantered while crazy dude petted the dog and babbled. If crazy dude had gone crazy, young couple wouldn't have a chance. I had phone out, 911 ready and was quite resolved to intervene if need be. Fortunately there was no need.

    I have other stories - thank God none are tragic.

    I can't think of any incidents where a masked pepper spraying superhero would have been in the least bit helpful.

    "Phoenix" here doesn't seem too subtle. When you try to break up a fight, and the chicks come at you swinging, even though you are a big masked black dude... you are obviously not projecting alpha male authority. Fail. You broke up the wrong fight.

    Note, I'm not arguing against armed self defense or the intervention of bystanders - I'm all for it - I just don't see Mr. Jones' tactics to be especially helpful.

  5. Lewy, I would be inclined to agree that while this guy obviouosly has the chocolate half, he also has the peanutty half of a Reeses.

    That being said, what does it say if someone thinks it would be necessary to go out and be a super hero?

    "Let me get this straight. Your family name is Crusader and your parents named you Crimson."

  6. he also has the peanutty half of a Reeses

    LMAO! =))

    Glenn Reynolds has some posts to the effect that we're living in "crazy time". People having sex skydiving, etc.

    Welcome to the future, where everyday is Halloween.