Saturday, May 1, 2010

"We are on a collision course to a world without rocks"

This could be a preview of our rockless future.

A must read, fabulous, expose of man's inhumanity to rocks.


  1. Rock and Roll will never die. Niel Young said so.

    Te rocks, however, are apparently hosed.

  2. Well Neil stinks. Really, he does. Have you seen his hair? Lordy, lordy, last time that mangled, tangled, thinning crop of mess ever saw water was 1962.

    In fact that's probably what happened to most of the missing rocks. People used them to throw at Neil and his skanky hair. He probably hid a few down his throat.

    Yup, that's it. Rocks in his throat made him sound like he was singing with...ta in his throat!

    It's all so clear now.

    Thank you Lewy.

  3. img:""

    Not appearing in a production of "Hair" anytime soon.

    And, he has rocks in his mouth, they're fairly popping out of his cheeks begorrah!

  4. ""When was the last time you even saw a boulder?""


  5. imgw:""

  6. We're not out of rocks! Annie has them all!


  7. So that's why Iran wants nukes. If the Middle East ran out of rocks, they'd be defenseless!

  8. LOL Dragon?
    hehe :OD

    Fay, granted his hair is a complete disaster, but did you see those shiny new teeth? Wow, he's got the most blinding white fake choppers I've ever seen on someone his age :OE

  9. MW, that is great. Sounds like a real newscast.

    I love how reporters will go out in the field and broadcast live at the scene of something that happened at 9 AM for the 11PM newscast, even though everything regarding the story is long gone. Can you say, "What's the point?"

  10. Totally, Matt.
    It's too bad we can't tell them "Hey, crawl under the police tape and see if you can find blood or a weapon or something". They might as well be useful, right? Give them something REAL to talk about!
    Or "Hey, go stand next to the edge of the raging floodwater and see if anything interesting floats by!".
    Or maybe "Hey, that's a cool thunderstorm you are standing in the dark reporting on. Can you hold up this 10' metal pole for me for a minute?"
    You know, like, they should DO something!

  11. mw, the reptile with rock in my photo is a Komodo Dragon... I googled "I haz a rock" to see what would come up; somebody labeled him thus in their flickr stream...